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In the exhilarating sport of badminton, power is a game-changer. The ability to deliver devastating smashes and overpower opponents is often the key to securing victory on the court. Head heavy smashing rackets are designed specifically for players seeking unparalleled power and dominance. In this article, we will delve into the features, advantages, and why head heavy smashing rackets are a preferred choice among badminton enthusiasts. For more all-round play we would recommend taking a look at even balanced badminton rackets and for speed our lightweight badminton rackets

What is a head heavy racket in badminton?

Head heavy badminton rackets refer to rackets with a higher concentration of weight towards the head of the racket. This weight distribution results in a racket that is head heavy, meaning the balance point is closer to the head than the grip. The additional weight in the head enhances the racket's power potential, allowing players to generate incredible smashing power.

Why are head heavy badminton rackets good?

     1. Unleashing Powerful Smashes:

The primary advantage of head heavy smashing rackets is their ability to generate immense power during smashes. The additional weight in the head increases the momentum of the racket, enabling players to deliver explosive and fast smashes that are difficult for opponents to return. The head heavy design allows players to transfer more energy into their shots, resulting in powerful and intimidating smashes.

     2. Enhanced Offensive Play:

Head heavy smashing rackets are particularly advantageous for players with an aggressive playing style. The extra weight in the head provides players with the necessary momentum to deliver hard-hitting shots, overpowering opponents and putting them on the defensive. With these rackets, players can dictate the pace of the game, controlling rallies and keeping their opponents under constant pressure.

     3. Deep Clears:

Head heavy smashing rackets are not limited to delivering powerful smashes alone. The weight distribution in the head also enhances players' ability to execute better depth on clears. The increased momentum in the racket's head facilitates better control and accuracy, enabling players to precisely place their shots while still generating sufficient power. This versatility allows players to vary their attacking strategy and keep opponents guessing.

     4. Stability and Control:

Contrary to the misconception that head heavy rackets compromise control, these rackets are designed to provide players with a good balance of stability and control. While the additional weight in the head contributes to power, advanced racket technologies and materials ensure that these rackets maintain stability and control. This balance allows players to execute shots with accuracy and confidence, even at high speeds. Some players prefer extra head-weight when it comes to racket control as they can better feel the position of the racket head and so are able to better time and control the swing.

     5. Effective Defence:

Head heavy smashing rackets can also be effective in defensive play. The weight distribution in the head enhances players' ability to lift or drive the shuttle back with greater depth and penetration, providing more potential for a counterattack. The additional momentum in the head helps absorb the impact of the opponent's smash, allowing players to deliver accurate and controlled defensive shots.

     6. Suitable for Power-Oriented Players:

Head heavy smashing rackets are particularly suitable for players who rely on power-oriented playing styles. These rackets complement players with strong wrists and well-developed upper body strength, allowing them to maximize the potential of the racket's weight distribution. Power-oriented players can capitalize on the extra momentum to deliver dominating shots, giving them an edge over their opponents.

Do Pros use head heavy rackets?

Head heavy rackets are hugely popular with professional players both in singles and doubles disciplines. In general, head heavy rackets are most popular with male singles and doubles players who have the strength to be able to maximise the power potential of the racket and also still defend adequately.

What is the best head heavy badminton racket?

Whilst we must stress that there is no such thing as a best racket due to personal preferences, technique and experience, we will try to list our staff favourite rackets and most popular best-sellers:

Best head heavy racket for advanced players: Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ - The Astrox series is the power-focussed, head heavy range from Yonex and the flagship of this is the 100 ZZ. Available in both 3U and 4U weight and is also the weapon of choice for Olympic and world champion Viktor Axelson. 

Best head heavy racket for intermediate players: Yonex Astrox Nextage - Designed specifically for club players looking for easier access to power, the Nextage brings a premium feel in a softer, more forgiving racket than many of the more expensive models. 

Best head heavy racket for beginner players: Ashaway Superlight 99 SQ - By labelling this racket as only a beginner racket would be doing the Superlight 99 a disservice as it is more than good enough for intermediate club play. With a stunning gold colour way and supremely lightweight at 78 grams, it's no wonder this racket sells so well. 


In conclusion, head heavy smashing rackets provide players with unparalleled power and dominance on the badminton court. With their weight concentrated towards the head of the racket, these rackets enable players to unleash devastating smashes and execute powerful shots with ease. Experience the advantages of head heavy smashing rackets and elevate your game to new heights. Head heavy smashing rackets are a true testament to the pursuit of excellence in the sport of badminton.


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