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Get Yourself a $1000 Scholarship with - Badminton HQ Scholarship Program

We’re keen to see those that are young and passionate about Badminton come aboard with us and help the sports we are involved with, grow! We are offering the lucky winner a $1000 Scholarship program to help implement with us their idea with us!

1. What are we looking for?

We are asking those with a new or creative idea to bring to any of the sports we are involved in, to submit their ideas in a roughly 1000 word application explaining their concept, and how they would implement it.
Either to deliver something new to the sport or improve the way we run things at for our customers. Consider any of the major areas of business - Stunt Scooters, Skateboards, Mini BMX Bikes, Roller Skates or Inline Skates.

We may then look to partner with you in helping launch this, by providing a $1000 Scholarship, alongside business expertise and joint partnership to make the idea hopefully come to life!

2. Who can apply?

Our scholarship program is available to an school or educational institution.

It’s an open scholarship worth $1000 that any student studying in any educational institution within the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. Applications are open.
Apply before our deadline of 31/12/2023


3. How to apply?

If the scholarship catches your attention and you want to apply, send in a brief business idea with around 1000 words on the subject area and concept.

When you send it to us, please make sure that that it is accompanied by:
- The persons name and email address in the header
- Full name, phone number (mobile) & address
- School/college/university’s name of study and what you are studying presently and area of study
- A little bit about yourself personally and why you’ve applied

Things to remember when you write the essay:
Approximately 1000 words (images explaining your concepts are also allowed) Should be in Word/Open Office format, No PDF Files please The idea should be original. Content containing any plagiarism or copying of an idea will be disqualified, unless the idea has a particular new and unique aspect to it.

Selections will be made on the basis of the strength of the idea and the overall candidate

When you are ready to submit, simply email it to or fill in the form above along with all the details clarified above. Apply before our deadline of 31/12/2023.


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