Discount / Voucher Codes and Offers at BadmintonHQ

5% OFF all Products*
We want to maximise the discounts we can to all our customers. Use Code "FIVEOFF" at the checkout to gert 5% off your whole order*

*exceptions apply for Shuttles & Strings where margins are sadly so tight we can't offer any discounts.

5% Off with code: FIVEOFF


    FREE or 50% Off Discount Deals on Racket Strings 
    You can get a steel on custom restrings with all high end badminton rackets from us. Simply order any racket above £100 and we'll offer you 1/2 price restrings, order any of our high end rackets and you'll be offered a FREE custom restring for your new Badminton Racket.

    Badminton Racket Being Strung


    FREE 1 Month Trial with Badminton Famly

    With all our Rackets & Shoes orders you'll get an exclusive 1 month FREE access to the Badminton Famly E-learning Coaching and Training Videos.


    Badminton Famly Free Trial Training Videos Access