Top 10 Best Pro / Professional Badminton Rackets

There's so many Badminton Rackets out there to choose from, so how do you know which is the best one to go for?

Well largely this depends upon 2 main aspects:

1. Badminton match type you play - singles or doubles?

2. Personal playing style - Attacking (with lots of smash & power play), Defensive & Speed (counter attacking and out manoeuvring your opponents) or Net Play (used for getting control of rallies often in Mixed or Singles Play)

If you're needing further advice other than what's below on how to choose - check out our How to Choose a Badminton Racket Guide.

Also check our full range of Pro / Professional Badminton Rackets.

NOTE: A number of the recommendations below may go out of stock, in addition to this remember what we suggest doesn't necessarily make it the best racket for you personally!

Below we list our Top 10 Rackets, combined with our personal opinions on which play style and match type they may suit best.

1. Yonex Astrox 88D Pro Gen 3 Badminton Racket

Match Type: Singles or Doubles
Style of Play: Highly aggressive. Powerful rear court attacking.

We've chosen this racket because it suits multiple styles of play and is available in 3U or 4U to suit different player preferences. It's originally made for the back court doubles player, as it's super attacking, however a big number of even top level players are also using it in singles. Super powerful and fast, it's an outstanding top level racket.

2. Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket


Match Type: All-court doubles
Style of Play: Mix of power and control play

One of our hottest selling rackets right now. Not only does the Thruster F C look absolutely stunning in this black and gold colour way, it also delivers on the court. Although Victor advertise the Thruster range as their power series, this racket is extremely versatile and sits only just on the head heavy side of even balance, making it very user friendly and speedy in flat exchanges. 

3. Li-Ning BladeX 900 Sun Max 3U Badminton Racket



Match Type: Singles or Doubles
Style of Play: All round

The pictures don't do this racket justice. With a stunning Rose Gold design, this racket is one of the sleekest rackets available for advanced players. The BladeX range is incredibly responsive, packed with a bunch of technologies designed to reduce shock and improve the rackets weight transfer and ability to cut through the air. It's alse one of the best rackets on the market for players looking for high levels of control, due to its stiff shaft and the ability to be strung up to 30lbs. 

4. Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket

Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket


Match Type: Singles or doubles - Rear court player
Style of Play: Aggressive smash attack with accuracy

Used by the worlds top players in singles and some doubles pairs, the Astrox 100 ZZ suits the stronger player due to its stiffness and head heavy weighting. It's Yonex's most aggressive top tier badminton racket.

If you love to smash with power and accuracy this racket is perfect. You'll see large numbers of elite players using this.

5. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro Badminton Racket

Yonex Arcsaver 11 Pro Badminton Racket


Match Type: Singles or doubles
Style of Play: Speed, counter attacking and accuracy

Recently relaunched, the Arcsaber 11 has renowned pedigree as a top level racket. The previous edition was recently still being used by many sponsored pro tour players, despite being launched way back in 2013 and we find once players get used to this racket they struggle to move onto anything else!

The new Arcsaber 11 Pro from Yonex, adds extra technology for even more speed and power.

6. Yonex Astrox 88S Pro Gen 3 Badminton Racket


Match Type: Doubles front player & mixed doubles front player
Style of Play: Touch at the front, speed around mid/front court, but still with venom in the smash attack.

Similar to it's partner in crime the Astrox 88D, however the S stands for "Skill" and is designed for the more creative player in a doubles partnership. It's great for  defensive and touch shots but still has enough weighting in the head of the racket for an excellent smash from the rear of the court.

7. Victor Auraspeed 90K II B Badminton Racket

Match Type: Singles or Doubles 
Style of Play: All round play

The weapon of choice for European Champion Anders Antonsen, this racket is an incredible choice for anybody looking for an advanced/professional level racket. Victor has equipped this racket with their Whipping Enhancement System, allowing the racket to whip and flex on each shot, adding extra power and angles to your shots. This makes the racket much more user-friendly to benefit a number of playstyles. It's then packed with a bunch of Victor technology to maximise the durability and control of the racket.  

8. Dunlop Z-Star Power 88 Badminton Racket

Match Type: Singles & rear court doubles player
Style of Play: Attacking power play

A huge name within racket sports in the past, Dunlop is now back in the game after being bought by ambitious Japanese firm, Sumitomo. The Dunlop Z-Star Power 88 is their most advanced racket yet, featuring a Miyazaki made-in-Japan shaft and Sonic Core VG technology which dampens vibration and increases feel. Its extra-long shaft is designed to overpower your opponent with stronger and steeper attacks.

9. Yonex Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket


Match Type: Singles, strong backcourt doubles player
Style of Play: All round attacking racket for outstanding accuracy

If you can handle it, get this racket.....but you need to be a physically strong player with excellent technique. Used by by a number of top singles players and increasingly more doubles players, this racket is a sledgehammer! It hits hard and accurately but is a beast to wield! Not the speediest or the most forgiving racket, however, if you have the game for it then the Astrox 99 Pro is a devastating weapon.


10. Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z Badminton Racket


Match Type: Front court play, singles or doubles
Style of Play: Fast counter attacking combined with flat rallies


The new NANOFLARE 1000 is being used on court now in the hands of Rio Olympic gold medalist, Carolina Marin (ESP), 2022 All England silver medalist, Lakshya Sen (IND), and 2022 French Open champion, He Bing Jiao (CHN). A head light racket with immense potential for counter-attacking, swift play, this racket was also used to set the new world record for smash speeds by Satwick Rankireddy and Pearly Tan, at 565km/h and 438km/h respectively!



So that's our Top 10 Best Pro / Professional Badminton Rackets list to look out for! Let us know what you think!

If you're needing further advice other than what's below on how to choose - check out our How to Choose a Badminton Racket Guide.

Also check our full range of Pro / Professional Badminton Rackets.