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Victor badminton shoes are trusted by some of the worlds best players, including world number #1 Tai Tzu Ying and 4 x world champion Hendra Setiawan. At the time of writing they are also the national team sponsors of European badminton powerhouses Denmark. 

Victor is a well-established and reputable brand in the world of badminton. Founded in Taiwan in 1968, Victor has been dedicated to producing high-quality badminton equipment and has become a popular choice among players and enthusiasts worldwide. Within Europe Victor have also partnered with other brands such as Ashaway and FZ Forza allowing for further development of a global brand synonymous with high quality.

Victor offers a wide range of badminton products, including rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories. Victor badminton rackets are known for their innovative technologies, sleek designs, and excellent performance capabilities, catering to players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

With a focus on research and development, Victor continuously seeks to enhance its products, incorporating advanced materials and engineering to improve players' performance on the court. The brand collaborates with professional players and coaches to develop rackets and other equipment that meet the specific needs of athletes.

Victor badminton shoes are also highly regarded for their comfort, stability, and traction on the court. They are designed to provide the support and agility required for rapid movements and quick changes of direction during intense gameplay.

Over the years, Victor has sponsored various badminton events and players, contributing to the growth and popularity of the sport. The brand's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has solidified its position as a trusted and respected name in the badminton community.

Whether you are a recreational player or a competitive athlete, Victor offers a range of high-quality badminton equipment to enhance your game and elevate your performance on the court.

How do Victor badminton shoes fit?

The majority of Victor’s more advanced badminton shoes are a standard width, with the a ‘V Shape’ cut, so they fit many different foot types, however it is worth checking the specifications on the individual product page. The more budget range of shoes are typically cut into a wider fitting ‘U Shape. The sizing is typically ‘half a size small’, meaning you may need to order a half size larger than your regular shoe size. Victor shoes fit similarly to Yonex badminton shoes, in terms of sizing, however the majority of Victor badminton shoes are slightly wider fitting on average than regular Yonex shoes. 

What are the best Victor badminton shoes?

The best selling Victor badminton shoes are the Victor P9200 white and Victor P9200 black. Both shoes feature a soft and comfortable leather PU upper and ENERGYMAX, which is a shock absorbing system providing comfortable support during directional changes and dynamic movements.. These shoes are available in both a black and white variant, offering subtlety and style. 

What pros use Victor badminton shoes?

Victor badminton shoes are used by some of the worlds best badminton players including Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan (Indonesia), Lee Zii Jia (Malaysia) and Tai Tzu Ying (Chinese Taipei). 

Can I use trainers for badminton?

Using trainers for playing badminton is not recommended as they are not designed for the sport's multi-directional movements. trainers or running shoes are specifically designed to support forward running, which does not fully address the lateral movements required in badminton, such as moving out to the corners or sides of the court at high speeds. This discrepancy in design can increase the risk of twisting or rolling the ankle during gameplay. However, the risk of such injuries can be minimized by opting for the appropriate footwear.

Certain indoor sports halls mandate the use of non-marking soles to protect the court surfaces from scuff marks and damage. Unfortunately, many trainers or running shoes do not come equipped with non-marking soles, making them unsuitable for badminton in such facilities. On the other hand, all badminton shoes, including Victor badminton shoes, feature gum-based non-marking soles as a standard feature, ensuring players can confidently move across the court without leaving unwanted marks.

Victor badminton shoes excel with reinforced areas around the ankle, providing greater stability and a lower heel drop compared to most running shoes. This results in a lower centre of gravity and a more solid base, offering players better balance and control during intense gameplay. Many Victor badminton shoes also feature the V-Tough durability support in the instep / toe position of the shoe to protect from wear during the drag phase of deep lunging. By opting for Victor badminton shoes, players can reduce the risk of injury while benefiting from the indoor court-specific grip provided by the non-marking sole, enabling faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. Choose Victor badminton shoes for a safer and more dynamic badminton experience.

More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide


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