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Ashaway is a renowned American brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality strings, badminton rackets, clothing and Ashaway badminton shoes. Founded in 1824 as a string specialist, Ashaway has a rich history of producing premium strings, making it one of the oldest and most respected companies in the industry. Ashaway have been continual innovators in badminton and introduced badminton's first multifilament nylon string back in 1949. Ashaway's string line has been continually developed and upgraded to make them thinner, more durable and more responsive. 

Over the years, Ashaway has expanded from it's world leading string production, collaborated with top players and continuously sought to further their range of products within the badminton industry. This dedication to research and development has allowed the brand to maintain its reputation for producing high-quality, performance-driven equipment that meet the demands of modern-day badminton players. Ashaway's significant experience in bringing high quality badminton equipment to the market ensures they are a brand you can trust and so we will now discuss their latest Ashaway badminton shoes


What are the best Ashaway badminton shoes?

Ashaway currently offer two fantastic badminton shoes in the UK market which are the Ashaway Neo X5 and Neo X-Glide.

For value for money the Ashaway Neo X5 is a great choice for intermediate level players. Our staff at BadmintonHQ absolutely love the understated white and black colour way with added 'pop' from the neon yellow laces and accent around the outer sole. But not only does this shoe look good, it also performs well, with fantastic, multi-directional grip for indoor courts supplied by the Neothene-X Sole. The Neo X5 is also cuashioned at the heel to reduce the stress and impact on joints and mucles during intense practice and match play. Reinforced material around the heel and ankle area also provides additional support to the ankles, increasing stability and reducing the likelihood of injury. For those with a history of blister issues, The Ashaway Neo X5 also features an anti-blister inner soles which looks to reduce the movement of the foot during play, which can lead to painful blistering. 

The newest addition to the Ashaway badminton shoes line up is the Ashaway Neo X-Glide. The X-Glide features many of the same features found in the X5, but in a more lightweight format, allowing you to speed around the court and change direction quickly. The best technologies in the Neo have been transferred across to this model, including the anti-blister inner sole and neothene x-sole but with a softer and more lightweight upper. 


Do any pro players wear Ashaway badminton shoes?

Ashaway have a strong presence in UK badminton, with many of their products being used by England senior internationals including Jess Hopton, Viki Williams and Steven Stallwood. Ashaway are also prevalent in elite university badminton in the UK as long time sponsors of the British Universities Championships (BUCS). European University champions Sian Kelly and Sam Smith are also Ashaway sponsored players, showing that Ashaway equipment passes the test all the way up to elite levels of play. Ashaway are also a strong favourite in clubs and counties up and down the UK, with many players enjoying the brand for their excellent Ashaway badminton racketsshoes and clothing. 


How do Ashaway badminton shoes fit?

Ashaway badminton shoes are extremely comfortable, supportive and well fitting shoes. They typically fit true to size so we would advise ordering in your regular shoe size. Whilst not described as wide fitting shoes they are relatively roomy in width and length, certainly not as narrow as typical Yonex badminton shoes. Both the Ashaway Neo X5 and Ashaway Neo X-Glide are roomy in the toe box so are perfect for players with a preference for that. 


Can you use running shoes for badminton?

It is not advisable to use running shoes for playing badminton as they are not designed for multi-directional movement. Running shoes are designed to aid running forwards, however much of the movement in badminton requires moving out to the corners or side of the court at speed. Using this lateral movement and changing direction at speed can result in twisting or rolling the ankle, however the risk of this can be lowered by wearing the correct footwear. Some indoor sports halls require non-marking soles to be worn to protect the court surfaces. Many running shoes do not feature non-marking soles, however all badminton shoes will have gum based non-marking soles as standard.

Ashaway badminton shoes have reinforced areas around the ankle for greater stability and a lower heel drop than most running shoes, meaning a lower centre of gravity and more solid base. Using Ashaway badminton shoes will not only reduce the risk of injury, but the indoor court specific grip provided by the neothene x-sole will also aid faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. 


More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide

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