Collection: Badminton Extras

Here at BadmintonHQ we have you covered for all your badminton needs. If you’ve already got your rackets, shoes, shuttles and clothing sorted, then why not accessorise and choose from our range of grips, bags, strings and towels

Sport is often won by fine margins, so make the difference in your game by concentrating on the finer details. We have a range of badminton grips suited to every style and taste. Choose from towel grips, overgrips and replacements grips so you can get the maximum grip, performance and comfort from your racket. 

Badminton strings are often overlooked but can have a drastic effect on your performance. Why not read more in our detailed article about all things strings here.

A great way to test strings is to buy a variety of single 10m sets and negotiate with a local stringer to give you a good price for numerous restrings. Once you’ve identified your favourite string you may then want to invest in a 200m reel, especially if you are playing with high tensions and need your racket restringing often. 

If you’re investing in good quality equipment it’s essential that you protect these with a quality racket bag. We stock badminton racket bags and backpacks from Yonex, Victor, Babolat, and FZ Forza, in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can travel to the court in style.

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