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Karakal Badminton Shoes, Trainers & Footwear

Karakal Badminton Shoes, Trainers & Footwear

Karakal is a popular brand, and although best known for being a pioneer in ultra-lightweight badminton rackets, their newly developed indoor court footwear has becoming increasingly prevalent in both badminton and squash.

Originating in Belgium in 1978, Karakal have long been established in badminton as a quality, value for money brand. Their first logo was a Lynx but in 2002 this was changed to its current, more simple incarnation. With Karakal translating to ‘black ear’ in Turkish and Karakal having three ‘A’s it was decided an A - with the outside signifying a black ear and the centre of the A is marked with a dot, representing a ball or a shuttlecock - would make the brand more recognisable. 

The Karakal Pro Lite shoe series offer fantastic levels of cushioning and comfort for unbelievable value. 

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