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The Karakal brand has its origins in Belgium, founded in 1978 under the ownership of SPGS Dendermonde Belgium. Initially, the Karakal brand logo featured a Lynx and adorned Karakal badminton shoes, Karakal badminton rackets, and clothing. In 1981, Karakal UK began distributing products in the United Kingdom and later secured the rights to the UK & Ireland in 1985. Subsequently, in 1991, Karakal Worldwide Ltd was established, acquiring the rights to distribute in the rest of the world.

In 2002, a new logo was introduced, inspired by the Turkish translation of Karakal, which means 'Black Ear.' Leveraging the three 'A's in KARAKAL, the outside pair was cleverly fashioned as 'Black Ears,' while the centre 'A' was adorned with a dot below, representing a ball or shuttlecock. This updated logo retained the essence of the original Karakal Lynx while projecting a modern and recognizable brand image.

Today, Karakal Worldwide Distributors are actively present in over 55 countries, maintaining their specialization in racket sports equipment. Their commitment remains unwavering, providing customers with superior quality racket sport products, infused with the latest innovations, design, and technology. Karakal prioritizes customer feedback, continuously advancing their products to meet evolving needs. Their goal is to exceed customers' expectations, delivering exceptional product quality, service, and expertise.

Through the years, Karakal has upheld its ethos of offering quality and value for money, ensuring their legacy remains as powerful as ever in the world of racket sports.

As an authorised Karakal dealer all Karakal badminton equipment sold at Badminton HQ is 100% genuine. We accept nothing less than the best.

What are the best Karakal badminton shoes?

Since 2022 Karakal have made huge strides in their Karakal badminton shoes. Karakal made significant improvements to the hugely popular Karakal KF Pro Lite court shoe range, incorporating a new high quality shock absorbing gel insole as standard and added lateral support and strength by reinforcing the lace system with long fibre microfibre.

The KF Pro Lite shoes are now more comfy, more stable, more supportive and more colourful than ever before. Building on the original black and red colourways, the Pro Lite is now available in blue, white, green, black and red, so you will be able to co-ordinate no matter what colour your team kit is. For us at BadmintoHQ however, the most impressive thing about these shoes is the amazing price. We rate these Karakal badminton shoes as some of the best value indoor court shoes available on the market. 

In 2023, Karakal released their new flagship, premium indoor court shoe the Karakal Super ProThese are the most advanced Karakal badminton shoes ever made. The Super Pro's feature an asymmetric lace system with a built-in tongue guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, providing exceptional lateral stability and minimizing foot roll during sideways movements. This design feature ensures optimal performance and support for players on the court. Also featuring:

  • High Wear Microfiber toe cap
  • High strength 3D heel cup
  • New four part 4G SuperGel impact comfort insole
  • Strong microfibre upper
  • Shock absorbing Phylon midsole
  • TPU stability foot support
  • Extra tacky gum rubber sole with control grooves


How do Karakal badminton shoes fit?

Karakal badminton shoes offer a comfy but snug fit, due to the extensive cushioning. For the Super Pro shoe it may be advisable to size up by half a size from your regular shoe size, to allow for some room in the toe box. The KF Pro Lite also have a small, snug fit however these are not available in half sizes so an additional size up may be needed if you prefer a more roomy fit. 

Can you use running shoes for badminton?

Choosing running shoes for badminton is not recommended due to their unsuitability for the sport's multi-directional movements. Running shoes are primarily designed for forward motion, whereas badminton involves rapid lateral movements to the corners and sides of the court. This discrepancy in design can potentially lead to risks such as ankle twisting or rolling during intense play. However, these risks can be minimized by selecting appropriate footwear. 

In certain indoor sports halls, non-marking soles are mandatory to protect the court surfaces from scuff marks and damage. Unfortunately, many running shoes lack non-marking soles, making them unsuitable for badminton in such facilities. On the other hand, all badminton shoes come equipped with gum-based non-marking soles as a standard feature. This ensures that players can confidently move across the court without leaving any undesirable marks on the playing surface.

Karakal badminton shoes shine with their reinforced areas around the ankle, providing greater stability, and a lower heel drop compared to most running shoes. This results in a lower centre of gravity and a more solid base. Opting for Karakal badminton shoes not only reduces the risk of injury but also guarantees indoor court-specific grip, promoting faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. Choosing the right footwear will lead to a safer and more dynamic badminton experience.


More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide

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