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Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets

Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets

The latest released range of Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets bring the legendary racket the attention it deserves. Yonex has responded to it's iconic status as a racket all the top players love, with developing the racket technology further and coming out with a range of Arcsaber rackets to suit players of all levels and budgets.

The Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets have just been around now for almost 10 years, and these rackets with Yonex just don’t stop being popular, and this isn’t just with the amateurs, but also with some of the worlds best. In particular the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Racket has been used by multiple world number 1 players including Taufik Hidayat and Victor Axelson.

The rackets themselves are uniquely designed to pre-load the power and flex at the very point of impact on the shuttle, holding it on the string bed for longer. The technology used for storing and releasing the energy, this enables Arcsaber rackets to deliver precise shot execution, with a higher level of control than seen with many other rackets. The technology behind this is the CS Carbon Nanotubes which are located at the sides of the racket, this improves the frame’s elasticity for holding the shuttle on the string bed, enabling enhanced control at the point of impact.

One of the biggest things players comment about is the power with accurate control they experience. This was stated by former world number 1 Taufik Hidayat, himself when he stated: "I feel more power, and even more accurate control. With this racquet, everyone can improve their game."

The rackets themselves are designed for accuracy in the midst of high paced rallies, allowing places to react and take control and react in great speeds to return smashes, flat shots and changes of pace with greater ability.

All the arsaber rackets are built around the "Cupstack Nanotube", which is a material designed to hold energy until impact and then to release it like a bow and arrow, for powerful shots. Designed for all-round players wanting accuracy in their game, these rackets enable players to gain that edge.

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