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Babolat badminton shoes are trusted by some of Europe’s best players, including English national champion and European silver medalist Chloe Birch. Having tested the Babolat shoes ourselves we also trust that you'll love them as much as we do!

Founded in 1875, Babolat is one of the oldest racket sports equipment manufacturers in the world. After initially specialising in tennis and becoming a market leader in string and racket technology, Babolat then expanded their expertise into badminton in 1995. Now one of Europe’s leading brands, Babolat is continuing to build on its success in tennis, transferring innovative technologies into Babolat badminton rackets, badminton shoes, clothing and shuttlecocks. 

In their efforts to constantly raise the bar in technology and performance, Babolat often form partnerships in other industries. An example of this is their shoe collaboration with grip technology experts Michelin. Since 2005 Babolat have been able to glean information from Michelin engineers, aiming to optimise grip for the explosive movement and sudden stops that are essential in badminton. 

As an authorised Babolat dealer all Babolat badminton equipment sold at Badminton HQ is 100% genuine. We accept nothing less than the best.


What are the best Babolat badminton shoes?

Babolat badminton shoes have been growing in popularity year upon year, with the Babolat Shadow Tour 5 Blue and Babolat Shadow Tour 5 White favoured by many experienced club, county and elite level male players. The Babolat Shadow Tour 5 Rose is the premier women's shoe. These shoes are often praised for the outstanding grip provided by the outsole, as well as the high level of comfort and support and breathability. The cutting-edge fifth-generation Shadow Tour badminton shoe has been meticulously crafted for speed. With it's ultra-light and breathable upper, the Babolat Shadow Tour 5 weighs in at an outstandingly light 280g (in a 9.5). The sole unit has been completely overhauled from the previous Shadow Tour model and the Michelin rubber was developed specifically for badminton to offer the best combination of grip and durability on all indoor surfaces.

Other options within the Babolat badminton shoe range include the more budget friendly Babolat Shadow Spirit. After extensive collaboration, the Michelin and Babolat engineering teams have joined forces to create a specially crafted sole with exceptional performance. This revolutionary design features a three-dimensional grip, combined with a unique rubber formula, ensuring explosive movements and controlled sudden stops without compromising on durability. Months of meticulous development have led to a sole that guarantees unparalleled performance, allowing you to excel on the court with confidence. Many mid-range badminton shoes lack ventilation but the Shadow Spirit contains a breathable mesh as well as midsole vent for foot cooling. They also offer excellent comfort, durability and support, aided by OrthoLite® die cut insoles, making them a good choice for club players. 

Do any pro players wear Babolat badminton shoes?

The Babolat Shadow Tour 5 has been well received by many professional badminton players. The most notable players currently using the Babolat Sadow Tour are Commonwealth and European silver medallist Chloe Birch and French national champion and European silver medallist Anne Tran. The Shadow Tours are also the shoe of choice for former French national singles champion Lucas Claerbout. 


How do Babolat badminton shoes fit?

Babolat badminton shoes are generally a standard width so they fit many different foot types. The sizing is typically ‘true to size’ for players who like a snug fit, however if you prefer some room in the toe box area then we would advise sizing up by half a size from your regular shoe size. 


Can you use running shoes for badminton?

Using running shoes for badminton is not recommended due to their unsuitability for multi-directional movement. Running shoes are designed primarily for forward motion, whereas badminton involves rapid lateral movements to the corners and sides of the court. This discrepancy in design can lead to potential risks, such as twisting or rolling the ankle during intense play. However, this risk can be mitigated by wearing the appropriate footwear.

In certain indoor sports halls, non-marking soles are mandatory to protect the court surfaces from scuff marks and damage. Many running shoes lack non-marking soles, making them unsuitable for badminton in such facilities. In contrast, all badminton shoes come equipped with gum-based non-marking soles as a standard feature. This ensures players can confidently move across the court without leaving any unwanted marks on the playing surface.

Babolat badminton shoes have reinforced areas around the ankle for greater stability and a lower heel drop than most running shoes, meaning a lower centre of gravity and more solid base. Using Babolat badminton shoes will not only reduce the risk of injury, but the indoor court specific grip provided by gum rubber sole - produced in conjunction with Michelin - will also aid faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. 


More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide



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