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Badminton Grips - Overgrip, Overgrap, Towel Grip, Full Grips

If you’re looking to replacement, adjust or change your Badminton Grip, we stock a full range of all types of grips developing upon your needs. Generally there’s 3 types of grips - full grip, overgrip and towel.

Full Badminton grips are ideal for players who don’t want too thick a handle and just need a single standard sized grip for their racket. This is the standard go-to option for most players.

Secondly, there’s the Badminton Overgrip, these are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst more advanced players as they allow the player to perfect the thickness of their grip to great precision. In addition to this overgrip is considered the more tacky of the 3 types on the hands, but risk losing that if the player significantly sweats.

Finally, there’s Badminton towel grip, this suits players who sweat a lot, it’s also seen being used by many of the world's top players, meaning it really helps deliver top performance for the very best out there.

The main suppliers of Badminton Grips include - Yonex, Ashaway, Victor and Karakal.

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