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Badminton Grips - Overgrip, Overgrap, Towel Grip, Full Grips

If you’re looking to replace or adjust your badminton grip, we stock a full range of all types and colours of grips depending upon your needs. Generally there’s 3 types of grips - full grip, overgrip and towel.

Full (or replacement) badminton grips are designed to replace the standard grips applied to the handle of the racket. Typically made from Polyurethane (PU), these grips are fairly thick, well cushioned and durable, but can keep the grip of the racket relatively thin to aid manoeuvrability for grip changes.

Secondly, there’s the Badminton Overgrip. As you would expect from the name, they are designed to be applied over the existing grip. Sometimes they can be referred to as graps or overgraps - an amalgamation of the words grip and wrap. Overgrips are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst more advanced players as they allow the player to perfect the thickness of their grip. Cheaper and thinner than full replacement grips, overgrips can be changed quickly and easily, allowing players to maintain a fresh connection between racket handle and hand

Finally, there’s Badminton towel grip. Towel grips are made of cotton, making them extremely absorbent and suited to players who sweat a lot. Towel grips are particularly popular with the pros, especially those who train and play in hot conditions. Due to the high level of sweat absorbed b the cotton it's advisable to change towel grips regularly. 

The main suppliers of Badminton Grips include - Yonex, Ashaway, Victor and Karakal.

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