What is Badminton England? And what's their Tournament Software?

Tournament Software is the platform that Badminton England, the national governing body for badminton in England, use for the organisation of all their official badminton tournaments.

To play in any official, Badminton England sanctioned tournament in England you will need to use the Badminton England Tournament Software. In this article we will look to break down all the information you need to know to enter and enjoy competitive badminton tournaments in England.

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    What is Badminton England Tournament Software?

    All entries into a Badminton England sanctioned badminton tournament must be completed via tournament software. Badminton England Tournament Software constitutes a comprehensive system designed to organize Badminton England sanctioned competitions within the country. It encompasses various functionalities such as providing a tournament calender, facilitating online entry, storing and showcasing draws and results, dispatching competition-related emails, and managing all aspects that contribute to the execution of Badminton England tournaments.

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      How do I enter a Badminton England tournament?

      To enter a Badminton England sanctioned tournament all players need to complete their registration process with Badminton England by setting up a membership account. Players residing in England are required to hold valid and current membership types such as 'Play' or 'Racket Pack' to be eligible for entry into circuit tournaments.

      Additionally, players have the option to enhance their membership by opting for the 'Compete' upgrade. This upgrade offers added advantages and enables players to participate in multiple Badminton England Circuit tournaments without incurring any additional tournament fees throughout their membership duration.

      Once a Badminton Engand membership has been established then an account can be set up on tournament software and you can start the process of finding the perfect tournament for you to play.


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      What Badminton England tournament should I enter?

      At the present time of writing their are three grades at junior badminton competition level and four grades at the senior level. These grades are:

      Gold - For the elite and top level players in the country
      Silver - For strong county players
      Bronze - For county and strong club players with grade D and below
      Tier 4 (formerly known as Copper) - This is only available at the senior level and for club players with grade F and below

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      How do Badminton England player gradings work?

      Gradings are a guide to level of play. These grades can help players identify which tournaments will meet their level. The lowest available playing grade for juniors is J and for seniors the lowest grade is G. The highest grade possible is A. Players can compete without a grading, and this will then be assigned in the next grading period. 

      How do I change my Badminton England grading?
      Gradings can be upgraded or downgraded by playing a minimum of four qualifying matches within the four month grading period. Grading periods run between the last Friday of February, June and October.

      Qualifying matches are classified as a win against a player/pair of the same or higher grade, or a loss against a player/pair of a lower grade. Within these qualifying matches an 80% win ratio is needed for grading to be upgraded. If a player loses 20% or less of these qualifying matches within the period then their grade will be downgraded.

      For more detailed information on grading visit the Badminton England Gradings page.

      How can I track my Badminton England grading?
      A fantastic tool to track your Badminton England grading can be found at Badminfo.com. Badminfo was designed by badminton tournament players to track grading progress more clearly. When players enter their Badminton England number they are able to see how many qualifying matches they have in the current grading run. Badminfo also clearly lists upcoming tournaments for each level and age category as well as tracking results for senior county matches.


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      What do I need for a badminton tournament?

      • High quality Badminton Racket:
        For players looking to compete at tournament level, having a racket which allows them to maximise performance is essential. BadmintonHQ stock high level, tournament quality badminton rackets and players are able to filter for advanced rackets allowing them to find the perfect racket more easily. The BadmintonHQ staff have also compiled a list of their top 10 pro badminton rackets which is a great place to start when searching for the best badminton rackets.

      • Badminton Shoes:
        Indoor court shoes are essential for tournament play and some venues and tournament referees will only allow indoor shoes to be worn on court. BadmintonHQ provide a helpful badminton shoe buying guide and also stock a wide range of top quality badminton shoes.

      • Badminton / Sports Clothing:
        For optimal performance, we suggest opting for badminton clothing crafted from polyester or choosing gym/sports tops and shorts. These options ensure comfort, mobility, and efficient sweat management on the court.

      • Sports Towel:
        Having a towel with you when playing badminton is advisable, whether it's for wiping off sweat during the game or for a post-match shower.

      • Change of clothes: As mentioned earlier, you probably wouldn't wish to commute back home while feeling hot and sweaty. It's a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes if you intend to shower and change after a badminton tournament.

      • Plenty of food and water/isotonic sports drinks:
        Maintaining proper hydration during your game is of utmost importance. It's highly recommended to have water or an isotonic sports drink on hand when you're on the court. Keep in mind that not all venues offer food options, so it's wise to bring your own snacks or meals. This preparation ensures you're fueled and hydrated throughout your badminton tournament.

      • Badminton Racket Bag:
        For storing all of this a player is going to need a spacious and good quality badminton racket bag. For tournament play it is recommended to have a six piece racket bag at the very least. This will give you the ability to carry multiple rackets, shoes, clothing and food.


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