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We stock the best strings from top brands including Yonex, Ashaway and Victor, offering the lowest prices available. 

Strings are a vital component in gaining optimal performance from your badminton racket, so let's delve a little deeper into strings and what may be the best badminton string for you.

What is the best badminton string?

If you’re a competitive player and looking to maximise the potential of your racket then choosing a string to complement your style of play or help improve a weakness could be beneficial.

The title of ‘best badminton string’ is a little misleading, because we are all different and the ‘best’ string for one person may not feel good or benefit somebody else in the same way. The question you should be asking yourself is ‘what is the best string for me?’. To be able to determine this we should probably look at the different types of string and what benefits they bring. 

Durable Badminton Strings -

One of the largest factors in durability of a string is its thickness (also known as gauge). Strings usually range from 0.61mm (the thinnest) to 0.70 mm (thickest). 

In simple terms, the thicker the string, the more durable it will be. Thicker strings also tend to hold their tension for longer, so combined with a greater resistance to string breakage, there is an obvious cost benefit to using thicker strings. 

Thicker strings stretch less, producing a stiffer string bed and meaning the shuttle will be more stable on contact with the strings. This means that the average player will get greater control with a thicker string.

What are the best durable badminton strings? Here’s a list of our favourites::

High Repulsion / Power Strings

Some badminton strings are marketed and labelled as high repulsion strings, but what does this mean? As the shuttlecock hits the string bed it will stretch the string, using the elastic energy to rebound the shuttlecock. Thinner strings have greater resilience, meaning they are able to stretch and rebound into shape faster than a thicker string, providing greater power to the shuttle. Thinner strings also mean that the force is concentrated over a smaller surface area, thus providing greater repulsion.

The biggest drawback of thinner strings is that the durability is poor, especially when strung at higher tensions. 

What are the best power badminton strings? Here’s a list of our favourites:

Control Badminton String

For those who base their play around control or who want to improve that aspect of their game, then a control string may be able to help. 

Control badminton strings usually contain a textured coating designed to ‘bite’ the shuttlecock, adding both control and spin to the shuttle. This is especially noticeable when using slice and spinning net shots. 

What are the best control badminton strings? Here’s a list of our favourites:

We have also written a separate article on selecting strings and string tension (found here) should you wish to know anymore. Alternatively you can call, email or live chat us where we'd be happy to offer any expert advise. 

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