Collection: Badminton Racket Bags, Backpacks, Rucksacks

We stock a range of badminton racket bags and backpacks so you can protect and carry your badminton equipment in style.

When trying to find the best badminton racket bag for you it’s important to consider a few different factors:

What badminton bags do I need to buy?

For many recreational players, a racket bag needs only to hold one or two rackets and perhaps a drink or towel. In this instance a small 3 racket bag may be the perfect option. These smaller bags are typically lower in price and can be more practical and easier to carry than one of the larger style rackets bags. 

Another option to consider is a badminton backpack. The advantage of a backpack is that it can hold not only a few rackets, but also a pair of specialist indoor badminton shoes (which we would highly recommend investing in if you are playing regularly). 

Another advantage of a backpack is that it can also be used as a day to day backpack away from the court, making it a practical purchase. Many badminton specific backpacks have protective covers included to protect the rackets stored, as well as breathable inserts to allow airflow to shoes and any potentially wet or sweaty clothing. It’s for this reason that we would recommend using a badminton specific backpack as opposed to one that is more generic and doesn’t contain these protective features.

Badminton backpacks are becoming more popular each year and are now commonly being used by serious players who don’t always want to carry their larger style tournament bags on every occasion. A backpack can carry all the essentials you need for a training/coaching session or club night, whilst being comfortable, space saving and stylish.

For the more experienced players or coaches, it is worth investing in one of our larger racket bags. In competitive situations such as tournaments or club matches you need to have all of the essentials to allow you to play at your best. Although the larger bags are labelled as 6 or 9 racket bags this doesn’t mean you need to own this many rackets to warrant those sizes. Most non-professional tournament players will carry 2-4 rackets with them and use the remaining space for shoes, towels, drinks and changes of clothing. 

Should I buy an expensive racket bag?

Premium badminton racket bags may leave your wallet feeling a little lighter initially, but if you’re a passionate badminton player then they could well be a worthwhile investment. 

High quality racket bags typically contain numerous compartments meaning fresh kit can be separated from damp or odorous used kit and shoes. Some also contain thermal lining technology which is designed to protect rackets and their strings by maintaining a regular temperature. In badminton, string breaks are more prevalent in cold temperatures as this causes the string to contract, becoming tighter and more brittle. Warmer temperatures have the opposite effect, with the string expanding and losing tension.

If you are serious about protecting your rackets and strings as much as possible then it is worth considering a racket bag from the Yonex Pro 9 or Babolat Pure Line range, which all come with thermal protection, numerous separate compartments and are the highest quality racket bags that we currently stock.

What are the most popular racket bags?

We offer popular racket brand products on our shopping sites such as Babolat, Adidas, Yonex, Victor, Ashawal, Carlton, Dunlop, FZ Fonza, and Karakal. You can buy from any of these brands, all of them produce premium badminton bags.

What is the difference between a rucksack and a backpack?

Backpack is a common term to describe bags that are carried on the back, it can be a school bag or duffle bag. A rucksack on another hand is a backpack having military-custom features. It is larger than a usual backpack and can hold more equipment.

How long can a badminton racket bag be used?

It largely depends on the maintenance. Usually, a great quality badminton racket bag lasts for three years or more if you take care of it well.

What are the best features of badminton racket bags?

  • Shoe compartment
  • Spacious 
  • Multiple handles 
  • Side zip pocket for accessories
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Thermo guard 

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