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Karakal Badminton Rackets

Karakal Badminton Rackets

Karakal is a popular brand, well known for being a pioneer in ultra-lightweight badminton rackets. Their legendary SL-70 racket, weighing in at 70 grams, was a groundbreaker in racket technology when released over 20 years ago and they continue to produce lightning quick, powerful rackets with outstanding strength. 

Originating in Belgium in 1978, Karakal have long been established in badminton as a quality, value for money brand. Their first logo was a Lynx but in 2002 this was changed to its current, more simple incarnation. With Karakal translating to ‘black ear’ in Turkish and Karakal having three ‘A’s it was decided an A - with the outside signifying a black ear and the centre of the A is marked with a dot, representing a ball or a shuttlecock - would make the brand more recognisable. 

Having been known for the lightest racket in the world for so many years with the 70 gram SL-70, Karakal have moved on to produce the equally incredible BN-60, which as the name suggests, weighs in at 60 grams.

All of the premium badminton rackets in the Karakal range contain Fast Fibre graphite, which increases power and speed by snapping the racket back into shape 10% faster after striking the shuttle. 

Overall, Karakal offers fantastic badminton rackets for incredible value for money. Pound for pound there isn’t much better if you’re looking for well engineered premium rackets without the premium price. 

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