Bulk Buying of Badminton Shuttlecocks / Shuttles

So you need to buy a large volume of badminton shuttlecocks / shuttles for yourself or your club?

Firstly, you've come to the right place!

We specialise in supplying a large number of coaches, clubs, tournaments and organisations with badminton shuttles. 

I want the best possible price for these shuttles, how can I get this?

Well firstly, we offer discount rates on volumes of shuttles already on our product pages where we hold a larger volume of stock, see the example screenshot below of the Yonex AS40 Shuttles. All you simply need to do is add the volume tubes into the basket and the discount will automatically be applied for you.


However not all shuttles on our site offer this. if there's a special shuttle you want in volume  - fill in the form via this link: https://badmintonhq.co.uk/pages/contact-us

If you want to see what we presently have in stock check out Badminton Shuttles / Shuttlecocks page for all models and speeds available and in stock  - we ONLY list what we have immediately available for dispatch from our warehouse.

Please state the following:
1. Which shuttles you would like a quote on
2. How many tubes you would like
3. The best price you currently have

We'll then email you over a quote, and can proceed from there. 

What if I'm not sure which shuttlecocks to go for?

We've written our own Badminton Shuttles Buying Guide: https://badmintonhq.co.uk/pages/badminton-shuttle-buying-guide