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Bulk Buying of Badminton Shuttlecocks / Shuttles


So you need to buy a large volume of badminton shuttlecocks / shuttles for yourself or your club?


Firstly, you've come to the right place!

We specialise in supplying a large number of coaches, clubs, tournaments and organisations with badminton shuttles.


Do you have any special offers on Badminton Shuttles?

Yes actually we do! 

We'd highly recommend you consider purchasing or at least trialing our Badminton HQ shuttles. These are played with my our own staff, and can be used for match level play.

These have been made by the same manufacturers of very established brands, but without all the middle men taking a cut of the profits, resulting in our ability to offer you a great quality shuttle at a better price than any other brand of shuttles out there.

Meaning you can get a set of 12 shuttles of similar quality at £12 rather than around £20+

For our Mini 3 Tubes See:

For 1 Dozen Set of Shuttles See: 


I want the best possible price for these shuttles, how can I get this?

So that's simply - fill in the form via this link:

Simply state the following:
1. What Shuttles you want a quote on
2. How many tubes you want
3. Whats the best price you currently have

We'll then email you over a quote, and can proceed from there.

If you wish instead to talk with us, you can call us on 02380 002388



What if I'm not sure which shuttlecocks to go for?

Firstly see our Badminton Shuttles Buying Guide:

Secondly if you need further advice, call us on 02380 002388 and we'll guide you.