Collection: Carlton Badminton Rackets

Having been established in 1946, Carlton has long been a leading badminton brand with an especially strong presence in the UK. 

Carlton have always been known for their advancements in badminton manufacturing and were the first brand to design and produce a full metal racket frame. In the 1980's the famous Carlton 3.7 Airblade racket broke the mould and cemented Carlton's place as a market leader in the badminton industry. The 3.7 was the choice of the majority of professional players at the time which truly showcased it's place as the number one racket during that period.

Carlton also pioneered a flex system at the bevel of the racket, in between the handle and shaft, to produce greater whip and energy transfer into each shot. 

Throughout the 90s and 00's Carlton continued to be at the forefront of badminton. Simon Archer, armed with the Carlton Airblade 800, held the world record smash at 162 mph and powered his way to Olympic Bronze as well as European and Commonwealth gold. Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson continued the success with Carlton rackets, winning Olympic Silver as well as World Championship gold. 

Carlton Racket Series

Vapour Trail

This series is the current flagship Carlton range, featuring:

TCS - Torsional Control System - Carlton have reduced torsional twist at the T-joint section to increase stability and control.

Vectran Enhanced - Vectran fibres are braided with carbon fibres to produce greater power and responsiveness.

Bi-Axial Dynamics - Bi-Axial Dynamic Frame offers more efficient aerodynamics for greater speed.

Optometric Head Shape - Maximises power and aerodynamics with enlarged sweet spot.

The Vapour Trail range offer players a great combination of speed, control, and power for all-round play.


The Powerblade has long been a favourite of the Carlton range, offering fantastic power and a large sweet spot. The current Powerblade range is a great choice for club level players looking for a forgiving, powerful racket.


Pro V12 Grommets - Grommets are softened at critical positions to allow more string movement for greater power.

Japanese Hot Melt Graphite - High quality graphite for greater responsiveness and shot accuracy. 

Extreme Tension Frame - Attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that this racket remains strong at higher tensions.

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