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Advanced Professional Badminton Rackets

So how do you choose what Badminton racket to purchase as an advanced professional level player? Firstly, it’s important to work out what level of player you are. An advanced or professional level player would typically be considered a high club level player, or someone who’s been playing for county, or nationally. A player of this level is usually a top player in their club or playing for a top club. 

Advanced professional players need to really work out what’s best for them as players. Sometimes this may require physically demo testing a racket to see if it’s right for them. In addition to this there may be features additionally that top level players may want on their rackets, in particular high string tension potential of rackets. 

Advanced professional players should expect to spend a minimum of £100 on their rackets, as the advanced technology in the top end rackets are needed to maximise the skill ability of the player themselves. Typically at this level players are usually all pretty strong, meaning a stiff or medium stiff racket is most suited to players of this ability, because it delivers accuracy. In addition to this players at an advanced professional level will need to look at badminton rackets that not only suit their style of game (attacking, defensive and all round) but also their stream of competition - singles, doubles or mixed doubles as the type of racket needed will be affected by this. For example, mens doubles generally require rackets with fast reactions, meaning lighter weight or headed rackets. Whilst singles players will typically want heavy headed rackets as they generally have more time in rallies to hit their shots. 

Generally in doubles a heavy headed racket suits the natural back court player at the advanced level, whilst light headed rackets are great for counter attacking or those who love fast speed flat rallies.  

The main brands respected for developing the top end rackets out there are Yonex, Li Ning and Victor, all their top end rackets feature technology that’s highly respected and played with by the very best in the sport. 

It’s important to remember, no amount spent on a racket will make a player automatically better, but at the top end, small margins make a big difference and the right racket can really help a professional badminton player become that bit better. 

Most top end professional badminton players prefer racket weights of between 80-90 grams, as players of this level need rackets heavy enough to achieve speed and power behind their shots. In addition to this, at the top end of the sport the smashing power becomes much more important meaning weight along with traditionally head heavy rackets become key.

If you're looking for alternative level rackets, consider checking out our Beginner Badminton Rackets or our Intermediate Badminton Rackets ranges.


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