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Salming is a Swedish athletic brand, founded in 1991 by legendary ice hockey professional Börje Salming. Whilst it's origins are in hockey, Salming is one of the fastest developing brands in Europe, focussing on high quality products, without the gimmicks. Salming badminton shoes are designed for all indoor court sports. Salming indoor court shoes have become particularly popular in handball and squash -  sports which require similar dynamic movements to badminton. All Salming badminton shoes are exceptionally agile and offer excellent stability.
Salming indoor shoes are specially designed footwear tailored for indoor sports activities, such as handball, floorball, squash, and other indoor court sports. These shoes are crafted with precision to provide athletes with optimal performance, stability, and comfort on indoor surfaces.

Salming's indoor shoes feature advanced technologies and materials that enhance players' agility, speed, and traction during fast-paced movements and quick direction changes. The outsoles of the shoes are typically designed with a specific tread pattern to deliver excellent grip and support on indoor courts, allowing players to move with confidence and precision.

The brand's commitment to innovation ensures that Salming indoor shoes are continuously evolving to meet the demands of modern indoor sports. With a focus on durability and performance, these shoes offer athletes the necessary support and protection to excel in their game.

Salming's indoor shoes cater to a wide range of athletes, from beginners to elite players, offering a variety of styles, colours, and features to suit different preferences and playing styles. Whether you are a casual player or a professional athlete, Salming indoor shoes are designed to elevate your performance and enhance your indoor sports experience.

What are the best Salming badminton shoes?

One of the top selling Salming badminton shoes ever, the Salming Viper SL is a fast, low profile shoe featuring a lightweight construction. Currently in its 5th generation, the Salming Viper is tailored for players seeking unparalleled speed and agility. As the lightest shoe in the Salming indoor shoe range, weighing in at 300g (UK size 9), the Viper SL is engineered for peak performance on the court.

Boasting a low-profile sole design, the Viper SL ensures players maintain close contact with the floor, offering ultimate stability and razor-sharp directional changes. In essence, this shoe resembles a Formula 1 style court shoe, stripped down to prioritize complete performance.

The Viper SL features the innovative ViperSkin™, a 3-layer upper construction. The innermost layer comprises a soft mesh, providing a snug fit and enhanced breathability. Microfiber-reinforced areas and a thin, durable TPU film complete the structure, keeping the foot securely in place. This combination of materials ensures your feet stay cool, allowing for more natural foot movements, and enhances overall flexibility compared to any previous Viper shoe.

With its sleek design and performance-focused features, the Salming Viper SL Men's badminton shoes are a top choice for players seeking exceptional speed, agility, and comfort on the court. Elevate your game with these cutting-edge Salming badminton shoes, designed to deliver optimal performance and an unparalleled experience on the court.


How do Salming badminton shoes fit?

Salming badminton shoes are renowned for their exceptional comfort, support, and precise fit. Generally, they fit true to size, so we recommend ordering your regular shoe size. While they are not specifically labelled as wide-fitting shoes, they offer a relatively roomy fit in both width and length, making them slightly more accommodating than typical Yonex badminton shoes.

Can I use running shoes for badminton?

Using running shoes for badminton is not recommended due to their unsuitability for the sport's multi-directional movement. Running shoes are designed to support forward running, whereas badminton involves quick lateral movements to the corners and sides of the court. Such movements can potentially lead to ankle twisting or rolling if not properly supported by appropriate footwear. However, this risk can be mitigated by wearing the right shoes.

Certain indoor sports halls require players to wear non-marking soles to protect the court surfaces. Many running shoes lack non-marking soles, making them unsuitable for badminton in such facilities. On the other hand, all badminton shoes come equipped with gum-based non-marking soles as a standard feature, ensuring players can confidently move across the court without leaving marks.

Salming badminton shoes stand out with reinforced areas around the ankle, offering greater stability and a lower heel drop compared to most running shoes. This results in a lower centre of gravity and a more solid base. Opting for Salming badminton shoes not only reduces the risk of injury but also guarantees indoor court-specific grip provided by the XR110TM outsole, promoting faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. Make the right choice of footwear and enjoy a safer and more dynamic badminton experience.

More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide.

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