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Badminton Training Weighted Rackets

Are you lacking power in your badminton game? Are you struggling to retrieve smashes? A heavy training racket may be the answer. Commonly used by professionals, training rackets are the ultimate training tool to increase your strength, power, racket head speed and reactions. 

Why should I buy a badminton training racket?

In the past, squash rackets were used for shot specific strength work, however, it’s more beneficial to use badminton training rackets as there is no difference in size and aerodynamics, making the timing and transition back to your normal racket easier. Badminton training rackets can also be customised so that the same string and tension as you have in your regular racket can be applied; this results in a similar sized sweet spot, something that cannot be offered with a squash racket. 

As well as a tool for training, weighted training rackets are also useful for warming up and could be a vital tool in avoiding injury. Many players go on court to play having not loosened up the primary muscles used to hit the shuttle. Using a training racket very briefly before play may help to engage the correct muscle groups and make sure your body is fully ready to start the game. 

What training racket weight is best?

Training rackets typically weigh between 120 and 160 grams, however it’s best to start on the lower end of this spectrum, between 120 and 140 grams

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