About Badminton HQ - Who are we?

If you're like us, you'll want to know who you're buying from....especially when doing so online. Not only that, but if you're passionate about badminton like us, you'll want to make sure you're helping support the sport you love!

So who or what is Badminton HQ?
Badminton HQ is a new online shop, that's been made for players, by players. The idea for this came about, in summer 2018 when David Tuttlebee was looking to buy a new badminton racket online for a friend. Finding it very difficult to get the racket he wanted and good advice on what exactly to buy.

Launched online in 2021, Badminton HQ's goal is to offer all levels of badminton players, the most popular products available, at the best possible prices anywhere, alongside the best possible buying information to enable players and new people to the sport an understanding of what to buy.

The BadmintonHQ Business History Timeline

The Staff Team:

David Tuttlebee:

The founder of Badminton HQ, he's passionate about helping the sport grow, particularly amongst the young age groups of the sport. Having come from an extreme sports background, he appreciates the youth market and what players of today want and need.

Whilst a Junior, represented Hampshire a number of times. As a senior in 2018/19, he was a member of the Dorset Badminton Senior County Squad, although plays more for fun, than at serious levels of competition, and more recently captained the 1st team of a local league club in Dorset for last 2 years.

Stuart Preston:
A former top level Badminton player and coach himself, who regularly competes on the national tournament circuit. He has also coached at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire, with Paul Stewart, helping badminton players of all levels reach their potential.

Stuart, has more recently moved into supporting Rackethon in the UK, supporting racket sports across board, and having helped lay the foundations of BadmintonHQ, we're eternally grateful for his support in helping us get estabilished.

Stuart Preston Badminton Player

Our Warehouse Address:
Badminton HQ, 
Unit 1, Greatbridge Business Park,
Budds Lane, 
Romsey, Hampshire,
SO51 0HA
Telephone: 02380 002338
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday - 9am - 4pm