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Babolat shuttlecocks have earned the respect of many players in the UK and have strongly positioned themselves as one of the premier options for clubs, counties and tournaments. Babolat have partnered with Badminton England to become their official shuttle partner for all Badminton England tournaments and county competitions. This partnership shows the quality of Babolat shuttles, which are now trusted to deliver consistent performance for the highest level of competition in the country. 

After thoroughly testing Babolat shuttlecocks ourselves, we're confident that you'll appreciate their quality and value as much as we do. 

Established in 1875, Babolat stands as one of the most seasoned manufacturers of racket sports equipment globally. Originating as a specialist in tennis and later becoming a frontrunner in string and racket technology, Babolat expanded its horizons to encompass badminton in 1995. Now recognized as one of Europe's premier brands, Babolat continually builds upon its tennis success by seamlessly integrating innovative technologies into their badminton rackets, shoes, apparel, and shuttlecocks.

Babolat is unwavering in its pursuit of raising the technology and performance bar, often fostering collaborations across industries. An illustrative instance is their partnership with Michelin, experts in grip technology. This collaboration dates back to 2005 and has allowed Babolat to tap into the wealth of knowledge held by Michelin engineers. The goal has been to refine grip mechanisms in their Babolat badminton shoes to match the explosive movements and sudden halts pivotal to the game.

In the realm of authenticity, Babolat equipment sold at Badminton HQ enjoys the distinction of being an authorized Babolat dealer. Rest assured, every Babolat badminton product offered is nothing less than 100% genuine. Our commitment to excellence leaves no room for compromise, as we share in Babolat's ethos of delivering only the best.

Why are Babolat shuttlecocks good?

In search of a competition-approved shuttlecock? Or perhaps a shuttlecock tailored for effective training? Look no further than Babolat shuttlecocks. Whether it's feather shuttlecocks or nylon shuttlecocks you're after, Babolat has precisely what you require. Catering to various game styles, Babolat offers a diverse range of shuttlecocks to elevate your playing experience.

When precision flight is your priority, feather shuttlecocks stand as your ultimate ally. Designed to deliver exceptional flight quality during top-level rallies, these shuttlecocks ensure that every shot you make exudes excellence. On the other hand, if you're focused on training or recreational play, nylon shuttlecocks step into the limelight. Their optimized lifespan makes them the perfect companion for consistent training sessions or casual games.

The comprehensive array of Babolat shuttlecocks caters to all your needs. Striking a harmonious balance between flight quality and longevity, Babolat shuttlecocks guarantee maximum enjoyment on the court. Whether you're engaged in intense competition or honing your skills during practice, Babolat ensures that every aspect of your badminton journey is marked by excellence.

What are the best Babolat shuttlecocks?

For value for money there is no doubt that the best Babolat badminton shuttlecocks on offer are the Babolat Hybrid shuttles.

These shuttles combine the flight and feel of a feather shuttle but with increased durability and at the cost of a plastic or nylon shuttle. Babolat Hybrid shuttlecocks are meticulously crafted by integrating premium natural goose feathers, into a synthetic "frame" or "skirt." This innovative construction technique not only imparts a robust and steady foundation to the shuttlecock but also effectively curtails production expenses. This cost-efficient approach brings about a practical advantage that can be directly enjoyed by players. The feathers are strategically placed around the synthetic underpinning, orchestrating a precise equilibrium and a seamless flight path for optimal performance. The Babolat hybrid shuttles are available in both the slower 77 speed and the slightly faster 78 speed, to suit preferences and court speed conditions. 

For those looking for a more traditional feather shuttle then look no further than the Babolat 2 feather shuttlecocks, which are crafted from goose feathers and developed for club and tournament play. These shuttles have been extremely popular here at BadmintonHQ, often selling out very quickly. Stock permitting, the Babolat 2's are available in both 77 and the slightly faster 78 speed to suit your needs. 


Babolat's foray into badminton has been marked by the same dedication to excellence and innovation that has defined its legacy in other sports. The precision, durability, and authenticity of their shuttlecocks make them a formidable choice for players seeking dependable equipment. Whether you're stepping onto the court for practice, training, or competitive matches, Babolat shuttlecocks stand as a symbol of the brand's commitment to elevating your badminton journey. With a heritage of craftsmanship spanning generations, Babolat shuttlecocks bring together tradition, innovation, and performance to allow you to play to your best on court. 

If you're still confused or would like some more information on how to choose the right shuttlecocks, we have created a helpful shuttle buying guide, which will hopefully answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Of course, you can also contact us via email at or by calling 02380 002388. 

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