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Ashaway Badminton Rackets

Ashaway Badminton Rackets

The UK brand Ashaway is best known for its production of exceptional quality racket strings, with all racket strings benefiting from the same rigorous quality control as seen in their production of monofilament nylon thread used in neurosurgery. Ashaways experience with revolutionary technology advancements outside of the badminton industry have lead to the brand expanding to create the highest quality badminton rackets, shoes, clothing and grips. Ashaway badminton rackets are used by top badminton professionals such as Tom Wolfenden, Peter Briggs, Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms. Providing players with badminton rackets of outstanding quality and value for money.  

Ashaway are a brand who seek to constantly push the limits of what is technologically possible, and once achieved, this technology is applied to all areas of the brand including badminton rackets. This is shown in their new Ashaway Phantom badminton racket series which offer phenomenal power through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology such as the phantom airflow system, slim frame and the highest grade 40T graphite available for a badminton racket manufacturer. Their other very popular series are the Ashaway Superlight badminton rackets - these delivery both as the name suggests a lightweight racket that delivers fast racket speed on court. Finally the historically most popular racket range is the Ashaway Viper Badminton Racket series deliver for players on accuracy and precision in their shots.

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