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Beginner Badminton Rackets

So how do you choose what Badminton racket to purchase as a beginner? Well if you’re like we’ve all been you don’t know where to start and just see a ton of rackets and typically go for the one that looks nice and is relatively cheap. However in reality this won’t necessarily be the best thing for you.

The first question to ask, is what are your intentions and plans as a player? To stay as a beginner and just play from time to time recreation-ally, or would you like to actually get better. This is a key question, because if you want to get better you need to purchase a graphite rather than steel alloy racket, the reason for this is both weight and resulting power from your shots, as well as naturally encouraging you to use the correct wrist technique for your shots.

You’ll want to make sure you choose a racket that matches to both your skill ability and physical strength level. There’s a number of things to look at, but before you do, remember that nothing replaces hard work and training, no matter how good the racket is. Many people hope that by spending tons of money on a racket, it’ll automatically make them a better player. It’ll certainly help, but it won’t transform your game.

To first define a beginner player, this is someone who has recently begun playing the game, or plays recreation-ally for fun from time to time. The result of this means the rackets need to be forgiving and to help in the hit perhaps due to lack of timing, technique and hit power.

When looking at beginner rackets, the first area to look at is the weighting - Head-Heavy, Even Balanced or Head-Light. Typically an even balanced or head light racket is better for beginners as gives you time to react and head the shuttle evenly with your shot without losing control. 

Secondly you’ll want to consider shaft flexibility - again these come in 3 formats - Stiff, Even Flex, Flexible. Generally weaker players will want a flexible shaft as that allows more whip in the racket head and enables the player to get more power from their shots. The drawback is generally less accuracy in terms of where the shuttle ends up. For beginners a flexible shaft is generally better.

So how much does a beginner badminton racket cost? Well for a decent once we’d recommend £40-70. Anything less than that, you’ll be getting a steel based badminton racket which performance is significantly worse for beginners. However if you really want to splash the cash there’s some fantastic rackets around £100. Look to buy your racket from respected brands like Yonex, Victor, Babolat or Karakal for example.

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