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Badminton Clothing

From personal experience, we believe if you look your best on court, you play your best. That’s why we have stocked a variety of colours and styles by major badminton brands such as Yonex, Victor and FZ Forza for you to choose from. All of the clothing that we offer at BadmintonHQ is from badminton brands who understand the demands of the sport and exactly what you need to feel and look good on court. 

What should I wear for badminton? 

Badminton shirts and tops should be light, comfortable, and have the freedom to move with the body. Synthetic materials are best for this and are also effective at wicking away moisture from the skin. We do not stock cotton t-shirts as these are not appropriate for badminton play due the lack of breathability and the way they absorb sweat. There is a perception in the UK that badminton players should wear all white clothing (Wimbledon tennis style) but in truth this tradition died out decades ago and it’s perfectly acceptable to be as bright and colourful as you like on court.

As with shirts, badminton shorts should be light and allow freedom of movement. It’s particularly crucial with shorts that you’re able to lunge freely so shorts should either be loose or offer some kind of stretch to allow for this. 

Socks are often an after-thought in sports clothing but it’s especially important to have a good pair of badminton socks to be able to protect your feet during a game. Badminton is such a dynamic game with so many twists and changes of direction that the soles of the feet are under a lot of strain; it is crucial therefore that your socks can handle these impacts in order to avoid blisters and stop your feet sliding in your shoes. 

Our best selling socks are the Yonex W8422 which comes extremely well recommended by us, but also by our customers in the products reviews. 

An optional extra to your badminton clothing is compression clothing. Compression wear such as calf socks have become extremely popular in the fitness industry and there have been studies that show they can improve recovery and help to counteract delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Calf compression socks can also keep calves warm, especially handy for those cold winter nights in the local badminton hall. 

We also offer compression shorts, to give the quads, glutes and hamstrings some extra protection. Research has suggested that they can not only aid recovery but also increase power output. 

When ordering your badminton clothing with BadmintonHQ you can be confident in receiving the best price with our unique price match promise. If you see a product cheaper elsewhere in the UK please call, email or use our live chat facility to receive the lowest price and the best possible service.

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