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Dunlop's legacy in the world of racket sports runs deep, underscored by a remarkable statistic - more tennis Grand Slam victories have been clinched with Dunlop rackets than any other brand in the sport. While firmly rooted in the annals of tennis history, Dunlop also have significant prestige in squash, with their squash balls being the most used balls on tour and their rackets used by some of the worlds best, including world number 1 Ali Farag. Dunlop are now looking to transfer this success into the badminton industry and so have set out on producing Dunlop shuttlecocks which can compete with some of the biggest badminton brands in the world. 

The lineage of champions who have claimed major racket sports honours with Dunlop rackets reads like a roll call of legends. Yet, as the world pivots into the 21st century, the Dunlop brand has evolved under the aegis of SRI Sports, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo. Today, Dunlop resonates with the pillars of high performance, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering quality. A substantial infusion of resources from its new parent and a dynamic international array of professional stars have unequivocally established Dunlop as a heavyweight in the realm of racket sports.

History of Dunlop

Dunlop's narrative unfurls in 1889 as a pioneering rubber goods manufacturer. Its entrance into the sporting goods arena came in 1910 when the company ventured into crafting rubber golf balls at its Birmingham hub. In 1924, Dunlop further expanded its footprint by delving into tennis ball production. The acquisition of F A Davis in 1925, a domain expert in tennis racket manufacturing, further enriched Dunlop's expertise.

Fast-forward to December 2016, a defining juncture marked by the resounding announcement of Dunlop's acquisition by Sumitomo Rubber Industries for a substantial £112 million ($137.5 million). Sumitomo's existing ownership of rights to both sports and rubber industries brands in most corners of the world served as a testament to the conglomerate's strategic vision.

With this change in ownership, a new chapter for Dunlop commenced, infused with a rejuvenated spirit to enhance both products and brand resonance. The Japanese custodians embarked on an ambitious blueprint to propel the brand to the zenith of its potential.

Why are Dunlop shuttlecocks good?

Dunlop have significant prestige when it comes to providing the sporting projectiles; their tennis balls being the official ATP tour balls and Dunlop squash balls also being the only balls used on the professional tour. Dunlop still have a way to go to establish themselves on the professional badminton tour, but they now have the expertise to be able to transfer their knowledge and success to producing top class Dunlop shuttlecocks. 

The staff here at BadmintonHQ were amazed by the durability of the Dunlop Aeroflite No.1 during testing and customer feedback has been similarly effusive in its praise of Dunlop shuttlecocks. This shuttle performed similarly to the best-selling Yonex shuttlecocks, most notably the Yonex AS-30 which is high praise indeed and some customers have switched to Dunlop shuttlecocks due to their impressive durability. 

What are the best Dunlop shuttlecocks?

The premium Dunlop shuttles in the range are the Dunlop Aeroflite No.1 feather shuttles which are made of laser cut goose feathers and feature a 100% natural cork for fantastic feel and control of the shuttle. As mentioned previously, these Dunlop shuttlecocks have been the surprise package of all our newly introduced products, and is providing a genuine rival to the ever popular Yonex AS-30. 

The best budget friendly Dunlop feather shuttlecocks are the Dunlop Aeroflite No.2 feather shuttles. These shuttlecocks are meticulously fashioned with precision-cut, premium grade duck feathers, making them an ideal choice for matches or training and ensuring outstanding performance.



Dunlop's trajectory, characterized by evolution and innovation, underscores a brand committed to pushing boundaries. The legacy of rubber goods has seamlessly transitioned into a legacy of superior sports equipment. The journey from rubber golf balls to state-of-the-art tennis, squash and badminton gear exemplifies not just technological progress, but the enduring spirit of a brand dedicated to enhancing sporting experiences.

As Dunlop continues to evolve under Sumitomo's stewardship, the horizon looks promising, and they have made a great start with their initial range of Dunlop shuttlecocks. With innovation as its guiding star, Dunlop is set to continue shaping the racket sports landscape, offering players the tools they need to not just excel but redefine the limits of their performance. The synergy of history and innovation, encapsulated within the Dunlop brand, ensures that it remains a dynamic force that resonates on the courts and in the hearts of players and enthusiasts alike.

If you're still confused or would like some more information on how to choose the right shuttlecocks, we have created a helpful shuttle buying guide, which will hopefully answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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