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Babolat is one of the oldest manufacturers specialising in racket sports since its foundation in Lyon, France 1875.  While the brand is most recognized for its tennis rackets, Babolat has also made a mark in the badminton world with its exceptional line of Babolat badminton rackets. They have been continuing to break the mould in all equipment produced, including most notably the launch of the X-FEEL badminton racket range, aimed at professional badminton players. 

Babolat badminton rackets benefit from their extensive history in racket sports, with player performance at the forefront of all design innovation. BadmintonHQ ensures its customers have access to all the top quality Babolat badminton rackets and if you can’t find the specific Babolat badminton racket on our site just give us a call or drop us an email and we will contact Babolat directly on your behalf. As an authorised Babolat dealer all Babolat badminton equipment sold at Badminton HQ is 100% genuine. We accept nothing less than the best. 

Babolat keeps the customer in mind by splitting its Babolat badminton rackets into the easy categories of competition, advanced, intermediate, recreational and junior. This wide range of badminton rackets for all ages and levels ensures you can easily find a racket suitable for your needs. Babolat currently runs four lines of badminton rackets, prime, satellite, i-pulse and x-feel. Each line of rackets benefits from distinct technological characteristics aimed at different levels and play styles.

In addition to each Babolat badminton rackets range incorporating unique technology, all Babolat badminton rackets benefit from a 20 x 21 string pattern innovation. Traditionally badminton rackets are strung with 22 or 23 crosses however, Babolat reduced this to a 20 x 21 string pattern allowing for improved feel and increased shuttle spin in your shots

Babolat Prime badminton rackets 

The Babolat Prime range is priced for entry level or casual players. Made of high modulus graphite and suitable for both attacking and defensive styles of play. Prime rackets are fitted with Babolat's shot optimiser technology which helps to improve the accuracy of your shots.

Babolat Satelite badminton rackets

The Babolat Satelite range are in the mid to top price bracket suitable for intermediate to advanced players. This range has enhanced manoeuvrability due to Shaft 6.5 technology. Shaft 6.5 technology provides the slimmest badminton racket shaft/stem on the market leading to these rackets having optimal aerodynamic air penetration. Aerodynamics is further increased through the Slim T frame connection between the shaft/stem and the racket head. The different flexibility ranges along the stem of the racket shaft help enhance speed generation as you impact the shuttle, this Metricflex technology aids in the delivery of more powerful and accurate shots.

If all this technology wasn’t enough, the whole racket benefits from Ultra light technology resulting in a light racket with quick reaction speeds and faster racket strokes. 

Babolat X-Feel badminton rackets

The premium Babolat badminton racquet range, the X-Feel, is aimed at high level intermediate to professional players and are located in our top price range. Carbon X-trem technology located in the frame of X-feel badminton racket provides the racket frame with increased stability, frame stiffness and optimal stroke control by limiting frame distortions for extreme control.

In addition to frame stiffness the shaft/ racket stem is fitted with MetricFlex technology allowing you to quickly generate racket speed which is then accurately transferred to shuttle impact for a powerful shot. As X-feel badminton rackets are the top range of rackets from Babolat they incorporate increased aerodynamics through innovation XP Aero and Aero+ tubing construction technology.

This increase in racket aerodynamics is complimented by three types of technology helping to increase the durability and life span of your badminton racket. Side force twins increase the stability of the racket face to limit distortions during play and Carbon slimplies improves the dynamic response of the racket while increasing the shaft durability.  Finally, X-feel Tek located in the racket frame head increases the frame stiffness for reduced distortion, vibration and greater shot feel.

What is the best Babolat Badminton Racket?

Due to differences in personal preferences and technique it would be inadvisable for us to declare one particular Babolat badminton racket as the best for all players. As a guide however we would say that the Prime range is best for beginners. The Satelite series are the best for intermediate level play and X-Feel is the best Babolat racket range for advanced play. 

Do any pro players use Babolat Badminton rackets?

Babolat badminton rackets have been trusted by many international players including Chole Birch, Lucas Corvée and Anne Tran, showing they are of the high quality needed to perform at the highest level. 

Are Babolat badminton rackets good value for money?

Babolat badminton rackets are fantastic value for money and with all rackets priced at least 20% off RRP we hope you enjoy browsing the Babolat badminton racket sale. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If you love Babolat rackets then we would also recommend Babolat badminton shoes range which are becoming increasingly popular with badminton players in the UK market.

For any further help in selecting a badminton racket you can refer to our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Badminton Racket.

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