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Intermediate Badminton Rackets

So how do you choose what Badminton racket to purchase as an intermediate level player? Firstly, it’s important to work out what level of player you are. An intermediate player would typically be considered a club level player, or someone who’s been playing a little while but isn’t serious in there intent to improve. They would typically lose to a county level player but would give most players a good game.

Intermediate players have the largest range of rackets to choose from. Absolutely no player of that level should be spending anything less than £50 on their racket as the materials used and the quality will just not do the players skill level justice in any way. It’s essential that you look for a high quality graphite badminton racket at the very least.

The first question to ask, is what are your intentions and plans as a player? To just continue playing from time to time at the level your are, or would you like to actually get better. This is a key question, because if you want to get better you need to buy a racket you can develop with and make the most of. This will affect both the weight of the racket you choose, as well as it’s balance and flexibility. Another factor to consider is your physical strength and speed or whip action with your wrist. Those players with a slower natural whip action will want to consider getting themselves more flexible rackets.

It’s important to realise, no amount spent on a racket will automatically make you a better player and there’s no substitute for good training and learning of the right shot techniques with movement.

When looking at good choices for intermediate badminton rackets you’ll want to consider the following 3 main factors. Firstly, the racket weight, you’ll want a racket light enough you can swing at speed, but heavy enough to carry the shuttle to the back of the court, typically speaking most players like rackets between 80gr and 90gr, but some players love the super light rackets between 60-70gr. Secondly, the racket weighting - Head-Heavy, Even Balanced or Head-Light, this is key as it affects your style of game - attacking, all round or counter attack. Players with naturally good smashes will want head-heavy rackets whilst players with great defence will want a head light racket.

Finally consider the racket flexibility, if you’re a stronger player a stiffer racket is better to help accuracy, this becomes most important the higher ability to become, as the margins for error become less and less. If you’re a weaker player you’ll want to consider a more flexible racket for extra power.

So how much does an intermediate badminton racket cost? Well for a decent once we’d recommend spending around £70-120. Anything less than that, you’ll be getting a beginner level badminton racket where performance is significantly worse. Badminton rackets in this price range will usually feature excellent quality technical advancements that allow intermediate players to get the most out of their rackets when executing shots.

If you're looking for alternative level rackets, consider checking out our Beginner Badminton Rackets or our Advanced Professional Badminton Rackets ranges.

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