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Badminton Shoes. Trainers & Footwear

BadmintonHQ stock a wide range of badminton shoes including top brands such as Yonex, Babolat, Victor and Forza.

Badminton is a sport that requires quick directional changes and therefore the impact on our feet and footwear can be high. We at BadmintonHQ recognise the need for professional grade footwear at all ages and stock specialist mens, womens and junior badminton trainers.

To ensure you get the best fit, all shoe orders from BadmintonHQ will receive FREE to cut insoles. This helps contribute to adequate shoe support, comfort, fitting and durability which are all vital parts of choosing the best badminton shoes. More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found in our badminton shoes buying guide

The grippy gum soles found on shoes designed for an indoor sport such as badminton, in addition to the cushioning and stability technologies, make specialist badminton shoes an important investment.

Good quality badminton shoes will help limit and prevent the occurrence of injury to your feet, ankles and legs. We want to help keep you on court for longer and injury free, therefore if you are an active player we recommend checking the grip of your shoes to ensure the gum sole has not worn down. Badminton shoes can often look new however, with repeated play the sole (the most important part) of the shoe can wear down which may lead to slipping. If you ever feel your shoes are slipping more on court or perhaps the sole is looking a little worn down it may be time to invest in a new pair of shoes. 

We understand that if you’re playing casually you may not want to spend too heavily in the top branded range, however, BadmintonHQ stocks a wide range of price points for all levels of play. If you’re not sure what brand and price point of shoe would be best please call us and talk to one of our specialist badminton customer service advisers. 

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