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Carlton badminton has etched its name in the annals of sports history as a pioneering force in the world of badminton. Founded in the United Kingdom, the brand's journey commenced with a mission to revolutionize the game and introduce cutting-edge equipment to players of all levels. In the 1960s, Carlton shuttlecocks became the talk of the game when they launched the first ever injection moulded synthetic shuttlecock, a ground-breaking achievement that reshaped the dynamics of gameplay. This innovation addressed concerns surrounding traditional feather shuttlecocks, offering players a reliable and consistent alternative.

Established in 1946, Carlton quickly asserted its commitment to innovation, setting the stage for a remarkable legacy. With a strong emphasis on research and development, the brand's early years witnessed the introduction of novel concepts and technologies that elevated the sport's equipment standards.

As decades unfolded, Carlton continued to evolve, introducing advancements such as carbon construction technology and aerodynamic designs that optimized racket performance. Carlton shuttles continued to be popular and Carlton created another first with a one-shot injection moulded shuttle skirt. This dedication to pushing boundaries culminated in the creation of the iconic Carlton Airblade racket in the 1990s, a product that garnered widespread acclaim for its revolutionary features.

Throughout its history, Carlton forged partnerships with elite athletes, garnering insights from their experiences to drive continuous improvement. These collaborations propelled Carlton equipment to the forefront of professional badminton tournaments, firmly cementing its presence on the global stage.

With time, Carlton expanded its product range to encompass a comprehensive array of rackets, shuttlecocks, bags, and accessories, each reflecting the brand's ethos of innovation, performance, and quality. Today, Carlton stands as a testament to the enduring power of innovation, a brand that has not only shaped the evolution of badminton but also enriched the experiences of countless players worldwide.

Are Carlton shuttlecocks good?

Carlton feather shuttlecocks are meticulously crafted using high-quality natural feathers, often sourced from ducks or geese. The careful selection of feathers ensures consistent flight patterns and durability, crucial factors in maintaining the integrity of the game. These feathers are then skilfully combined to form the shuttlecock's distinctive shape.

What sets Carlton shuttlecocks apart is dedication to the marriage of tradition and technology. The brand's decades-long experience in badminton equipment is evident in the construction of its feather shuttlecocks. Each shuttlecock is engineered for exceptional flight characteristics, providing players with accurate trajectories and control during intense rallies.

What are the best Carlton shuttlecocks?

The Carlton F1 Ti is the flagship of all plastic / nylon Carlton shuttlecocks. The base of the shuttle is crafted from premium natural cork for greater feel and consistency. The synthetic skirt incorporates oxygenated titanium technology for greater durability.  The world’s first synthetic shuttle durability technology, Oxygenated Titanium effects particles at the molecular level enhancing bond strength and increasing synthetic skirt durability. These Carlton shuttlecocks are suited to club level play or for recreational players looking for a long lasting and premium feeling synthetic shuttlecock.

For the best budget friendly Carlton shuttlecocks then look no further than the Carlton T800. The T800s are hugely popular with schools due to their highly durable PVC bases and hardwearing synthetic nylon skirts. For those who struggle with shuttle visibility, especially when playing against a white backdrop, the Carlton T800 yellow offer a stand out option in more ways than one. Whereas most yellow shuttles only feature a high vis shuttle skirt, these also feature a yellow base, ensuring you'll have the maximum possible visibility in more difficult conditions. 

In terms of Carlton feather shuttlecocks, the Carlton range is headed up by the tournament quality GT1. These Carlton shuttlecocks are of international tournament standard and approved by the Badminton World Federation. The GT1s feature premium goose feathers for excellent durability and consistent shuttle flight. Top grade cork also ensures a premium feel and trajectory on contact with the string bed. The Carlton GT1 feather badminton shuttles are some of the highest quality, tournament grade shuttles available on the market today, and now made even more durable thanks to Nanofilm technology. With Nanofilm Durability Technology each feather is fortified by applying a unique protective coating to the external surface of the feather stalk. As a consequence feather degradation is noticeably reduced and feather durability is increased.

A slightly cheaper option than the GT1s is the Carlton GT2 feather shuttles. These shuttles use 2nd grade goose feathers but are still of tournament or league match quality. Even cheaper still are the Carlton GT3 and GT4s, however these a made from duck feather, which is typically less durable than goose, and more aimed towards affordable training shuttles. 

Should I choose nylon or feather shuttles?

If you're a relative beginner just looking to play for fun at a recreational level then nylon (also called plastic) shuttles will be perfectly adequate. Plastic shuttles are more durable than feathers, especially with players still developing technique and timing. 

For club players looking to progress their game then feather Carlton shuttlecocks will provide a slower, more skilful game, although less durability will increase costs.

If you're still confused or would like some more information on how to choose the right shuttlecocks, we have created a helpful shuttle buying guide, which will hopefully answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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