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Dunlop Badminton Rackets

Dunlop Badminton Rackets

The Dunlop company was established back in 1889 as manufacturers of rubber goods. From 1910 Dunlop expanded into sports equipment manufacturing, and in 1924 began manufacturing tennis balls. Dunlop entered the market with a new chemical-inflation and vulcanization production process. This resulted in much greater product quality and consistency.

In order to expand further into racket production, tennis manufacturer F A Davis was acquired, tapping into their significant expertise. 

Despite unsuccessful acquisition discussions in 1927, sporting goods corporation Slazenger was finally acquired in 1959, further strengthening Dunlop's market share and know-how within the racket sports industry. 

In 1932 Dunlop launched the iconic Maxply tennis racket. The Maxply would go on to become the dominant racket for the next 50 years, used by some of the game’s greatest players including Virginia Wade, John McEnroe and Rod Laver. 

In the 1960s Dunlop rackets were also dominating in squash with sponsored player Jonah Barrington becoming the first British winner of the British Open (the de-facto World Championship) for 30 years. 

Dunlop continued to innovate their racket technologies and the introduction of the 150G, the first injection moulded carbon fibre racket was another game changer within tennis. 

Since Dunlop was purchased by Japanese firm Sumitomo in 2016, the new owners have shown great ambition in their bid to restore Dunlop as the leading racket sports brand. BadmintonHQ are excited to partner with Dunlop and bring their latest rackets to the UK market. 

The current Dunlop badminton racket series include the Nanoblade and Graviton range.

The Graviton series of rackets is designed to inject speed into your game. Nanocell material is incorporated for increased stiffness and extreme recoil velocity. Other technologies include:

Dynamic Tapered Shaft is a slim tapered shaft (7.0mm – 6.5mm) with Double Kick Points to deliver faster shaft return time. Maximum stability and durability has been engineered with Multi-layered Japanese high modulus graphite construction - CHMG. This has created a super responsive frame with ultra-fast recovery.

X Beam frame tech has also been included to initiate more speed and power into every swing.  Cross Hoop Twists at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions have increased the aerodynamic capabilities of the racket head, for easy swing speed. 

Ergoflex - Concave channels on the top cap increase shaft stability and flex response, whilst an enlarged gripping area improves comfort, dexterity, and manoeuvrability.

The Nanoblade series of rackets is power focussed and 'puts game-winning shots in the palm of your hand.' Technology includes:

Focussed Smash Sweetspot System - A modern Optometric head shape combines with advanced string-bed technology to move the sweet-spot upwards. This results in maximum smash power at a steeper attacking angle.

UHMG - The ultra high elastic modulus of 40T Japanese graphite promises superior performance in power and control. Feel the excellent shock absorption, torsional efficiency and high strength.

Super Slim Shaft 6.6 - The new 6.6mm diameter super-slim shaft packs more power and slices through air resistance, providing a feeling of total responsiveness.

1K Nano Woven Graphite - Woven graphite outer layer fused with nano-sized carbon particle absorbs vibration in high speed impacts. This increases your handling by minimising frame distortion.


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