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FZ Forza is a Danish badminton brand that was founded in 1990 by Mark Christiansen The brand is known for it's proud Danish heritage and classic Nordic style designs. Much of the high-quality badminton equipment, including FZ Forza badminton rackets, FZ Forza badminton shoes, shuttlecocks, and accessories feature the Danish flag in reference to this. 

FZ Forza started as a small family-owned company in Denmark and was based around the idea of delivering Danish quality badminton products as an alternative to the dominant Asian brands. FZ Forza were also determined that their products would always be of high quality and offered at a fair price and through these factors their popularity expanded rapidly. Within five years of launch, FZ Forza was the biggest badminton brand in Denmark. 

FZ FORZA places utmost importance on both design and quality, ensuring their sports gear excels in durability, longevity, and efficiency. Their focus revolves around optimizing performance while minimizing the impact on society and the environment. By crafting badminton specific sports gear with meticulous attention to detail, FZ FORZA aims to deliver value and create positive impacts for their customers and the world we live in.

As an authorised Forza dealer all Forza badminton equipment sold at Badminton HQ is 100% genuine. We accept nothing less than the best.

FZ Forza has collaborated with professional players and coaches to develop and refine their badminton equipment. This close association with the badminton community has allowed them to create products that cater to the specific needs and demands of players at all skill levels. Here we will take a closer look at the FZ Forza badminton shoe range.


What are the best FZ Forza badminton shoes?

The best Forza badminton shoes currently available from BadmintonHQ are the FZ Forza Brace men's and FZ Forza Brace women's badminton shoes. The FZ Forza brace badminton shoe are packed with technologies, including:

Tuck Board: Designed to increase the shoes torsional flexibility, three-dimensional carbon fibre sheets reduce stress on the tendon, support the foots natural movement and allows the foot to move faster. 
Dura Coat: High-tech PU Upper which adds durability and resistance against abrasion from lunging. 
DryPlex: Mesh Layers and holes which helps transporting moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable.
FZorb: Shock absorbing material which is moulded into the heel area of the sole for increased comfort and impact protection.
FZone: Multi-directional patterns are combined with a super high quality rubber to ensure a highly wear resistant outsole and extreme grip. 


Do any pro players wear FZ Forza badminton shoes?

FZ Forza are an extremely popular brand with pro badminton players throughout Europe, especially the stronger badminton nations such as Denmark and France. FZ Forza sponsored players include some very big names in European badminton such as Hans-Kristian Vittinghus, Rasmus Gemke and Line Kjærsfeldt. Top players currently using the FZ Forza shoe range include French national champion William Villeger and former European junior champion Fabien Delrue. 


How do FZ Forza badminton shoes fit?

FZ Forza badminton shoes provide a snug and typically a standard to narrow width fit. We would generally advise to order at least 1/2 larger than your usual shoe size, depending on the type of fit that you prefer. FZ Forza badminton shoes have a similar fitting style to Yonex badminton shoes or Adidas badminton shoes in terms of other badminton shoe brands. 


Can you use running shoes for badminton?

Opting for running shoes in badminton is not advisable due to their inadequate suitability for multi-directional movement. Running shoes are primarily designed for forward motion, whereas badminton demands rapid lateral movements to the corners and sides of the court. Such a discrepancy in design could potentially lead to risks, including ankle twisting or rolling during intense play. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing the appropriate footwear.

Certain indoor sports halls mandate the use of non-marking soles to safeguard the court surfaces from scuff marks and damage. Unfortunately, many running shoes lack non-marking soles, making them unsuitable for badminton in such facilities. Conversely, all badminton shoes come equipped with gum-based non-marking soles as a standard feature. This ensures players can confidently move across the court without leaving any undesirable marks on the playing surface.

FZ Forza badminton shoes stand out with reinforced areas around the ankle, offering greater stability, and a lower heel drop compared to most running shoes. This results in a lower centre of gravity and a more solid base. Opting for FZ Forza badminton shoes not only reduces the risk of injury but also guarantees indoor court-specific grip, promoting faster and smoother movement around the badminton court. Make the right choice of footwear, and you'll enjoy a safer and more dynamic badminton experience.


More information on choosing the correct badminton shoes for you can be found via our badminton shoes buying guide

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