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Mens Badminton Shoes, Trainers & Footwear

BadmintonHQ stock a large range of men's badminton shoes from badminton brands including Yonex, Babolat, Victor and Forza. 

Why are badminton shoes important?

Men's badminton trainers may look like other shoes, however they have been engineered with specialised technology to help you during badminton play.

In badminton we spend a lot of time on the front of our feet, with quick directional changes and explosive movements. Unlike regular trainers, badminton shoes are designed to limit and prevent injury in these often repetitive motions and movement patterns. 

We at BadmintonHQ strive to deliver the best price on the market therefore, if you find any product cheaper we will match this price and provide at EXTRA 10% of the price difference off your order. 

Badminton shoe fitting tips

Getting the right fit is often the most important factor when choosing the correct men's badminton trainers. Due to this all men's badminton shoe orders will be provided with a free to cut insole as standard. Standard men's badminton trainers are often wider than the equivalent for women's and are built specially for the male foot. Although men's badminton trainers are wider than women's as standard, extra wide or narrow men's badminton trainers are available to buy. 

Something else to note in regards to fitting is that during exercise and throughout the day our feet may spread/swell therefore trying shoes on in the afternoon or evening may lead to an overall better fit. Badminton trainers for men should wrap securely around your foot, without pinching or the foot sliding within the shoe. The foot should be located centrally within the shoes and the toes free to move within the toe box.

How to choose the right badminton shoes for you

We stock a wide range of men's badminton shoes at a variety of price points, however, unlike many other retailers, we don't just stock the whole catalogue from each brand as we recognise too much choice can lead to confusion. We have specifically identified the best shoes from each brand to make your choice that little bit easier. 

We've also created a separate guide on the key considerations for choosing a badminton shoe, which you can find by clicking here.

Should you you not wish to read our guide here are a few quick tips:

Firstly decide the budget you want to work with and then consider how much badminton you plan to play every week. We've made it easy to look for shoes within your budget range, just use the price filter on the left hand side of the shoes page.

When it comes to men's badminton shoes, a higher price is traditionally linked to greater technology built into the badminton shoe. If you play badminton multiple times a week a more expensive shoe may last longer than multiple cheaper pairs leading to greater value overall. 

Previous or recurring injuries is another reason why investing in proper badminton trainers will be vital for you when trusting your footwork back on court. In this instance it may be worth choosing a more premium, supportive shoe, to offer the best protection to your body.

If, after browsing the BadmintonHQ site you're still unsure, please contact our specialist badminton advisers through phone, email or live chat for further advice!

How do badminton shoes protect against blisters?

Badminton shoes for men come in Ergo shape and have gum rubber soles. Both the critical features of the shoes decrease the chance of blisters.

What are the top 3 things to consider while buying badminton shoes?

First - decide the budget, 

Second - shoe support, and 

Third - player level. 

Read our badminton shoes buying guidance for better understanding.

Is badminton the only sport that uses these shoes?

No, you can wear badminton shoes to play some indoor sports such as volleyball (that being said we advise you to do research on the sport you intend to play). Outdoor usage is not recommended at all. 

What are the key benefits of men’s badminton shoes over other similar alternatives?

  • Reduces the risk of possible injuries especially in the feet, ankles and knees
  • Gives comfort
  • Come with ventilation
  • Decrease chances of blisters
  • Solid Grip

Are men's badminton shoes meant to be used indoors or outdoors?

Men's badminton shoes are meant to be worn indoors only. Shoes can get damaged if you use them outdoors. Soles of the shoes are designed specifically for indoor surfaces.

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