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Junior, Kids, Boys and Girls Badminton Rackets

It’s so important when learning to make sure you have the best possible badminton racket to help you get into playing, especially if you’re a Junior player or kid learning with their first badminton racket. In reality there’s no difference between boys and girls badminton rackets other than maybe the colors. At Badminton HQ, we stock a full range of Junior Badminton Rackets, suited to entry level players. The rackets themselves will vary in length of stem according to what physical size the player is proportionate to the racket. Generally we recommend a slightly smaller than full size racket if a Junior is below 4ft or 121cm. 

Junior Badminton Rackets sadly are largely ignored by many of the big brands. That said there’s a few good ones from Yonex including the Nanoflare Junior Racket. 

Ideally you’ll want to look to get yourself a graphite 1 piece racket rather than a 3 piece steel racket, as these are lighter and react more effectively with power in your shots. However, if your intent is to play casually, then a 3 piece steel racket will still be suitable.

Typically you should expect to pay £40+ for a graphite racket if you want to avoid steel.

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