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Lightweight Fastest Badminton Rackets

A number of badminton players out there are not necessarily looking for the most expensive badminton racket available but instead the fastest racket that’s available. To be a fast badminton racket you generally need 2 key attributes in it’s setup to help the player. 

Firstly, the racket needs to be generally lightweight as a whole racket. Some badminton rackets are now made as light as 60 grams. To be considered a lightweight badminton racket you’re looking at between 60-80 grams. Lightweight rackets are great for fast hand and racket head speed in rallies. The only drawback is due to the lack of weight in them, it can be harder to gain attacking power in your shots. 

In addition to this a light head weighted racket will additionally make the racket faster. This is done by aligning the main percentage of the weight at the bottom end of the racket nearer the grip. The benefit to the player is that it allows very fast racket head acceleration and whip action, perfect for fast, short reaction time rallies that you’ll often see in doubles or if you’re the front mixed player.

Finally, with lightweight fast badminton rackets you’ll want to keep an eye out for the flexibility of the racket itself. A flexible racket in particular will make it hard to be accurate with shots, however sometimes it’s need to help increase the power off the shots. This is a striking compromise that every player wanting the lightest and fastest badminton rackets has to make.

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