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The headline range from Yonex, the Yonex Astrox badminton rackets, are the new generation of rackets to replace the hugely popular Voltric range. As with the Voltric range, Yonex Astrox rackets are head heavy in balance and so are designed to compliment aggressive power play. Among their impressive lineup, the Yonex Astrox badminton rackets stand out as a true game-changer for players seeking enhanced power, control, and manoeuvrability on the court. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Yonex Astrox badminton rackets, highlighting why they are the go-to choice for serious badminton enthusiasts.

What makes Yonex Astrox badminton rackets so good?


Revolutionary Rotational Generator System:

At the heart of Yonex Astrox badminton rackets lies the revolutionary Rotational Generator System. This innovative technology focuses on weight distribution throughout the racket, optimizing both power and manoeuvrability. By concentrating the weight at the top of the frame and the grip, Yonex Astrox rackets enable players to generate faster racket swings and explosive smashes. The Rotational Generator System allows for lightning-quick manoeuvring, providing players with the agility and speed necessary to dominate rallies.


Namd / Nanomesh Neo

Namd graphite material is used in the Astrox serious of rackets to produce rigid action for slow shots, combined with more flex in the racket for faster snapback with shots, empowering enhanced power. The premium models in the range use Namd material, whilst the lower end models use the Nanomesh neo material. One of the big side benefits of these rackets is the way in which the rackets rebound after hit, which is key for players at the very top level when exceptional fast rallies require players to be ready to react to the next shot rapidly. The worlds very best players play with the Yonex Astrox Rackets range including, Momota in the singles with the Astrox 99, Kevin and Marcus with the Astrox 88D and 88S in the doubles amongst others. 

Traditionally, high-performance racquets incorporate nanomaterials within the resin that binds the graphite fibers. However, Namd takes it a step further by directly adhering nanomaterials to the graphite fibres themselves, significantly enhancing the adhesion between the two components. This remarkable breakthrough results in a shaft that flexes and stores energy, translating into explosive force upon contact with the shuttle.

By attaching nanomaterials directly to the graphite fibres, the degree of adhesion between the fibres and resin is greatly increased. This unique construction imparts the ASTROX rackets with unparalleled power and performance. The enhanced adhesion maximizes the transfer of energy, resulting in a more potent and forceful impact when striking the shuttlecock.

Namd is featured in all 'Pro' varients of the Astrox range. These rackets are made in Yonex's Japan factory to the highest specification and quality control. 

Nanomesh Neo is Yonex's secondary graphite technology and features on most 'Tour' and 'Game' variants of the Astrox range. Nanomesh Neo serves as a bonding agent that enhances the cohesion between the Graphite fibre and resin, resulting in a reinforced and supple frame. This unique combination allows the shaft to exhibit increased flexibility, enabling the build-up of energy that can be efficiently transferred to the shuttle during powerful smash and drive shots. Upon contact with the shuttle, the NANOMESH NEO aids in the rapid restoration of the frame to its original state, facilitating swift recovery and setting the stage for your next attacking shot.


Slim Shafts

In order to keep pace with the rapid speed of the game, Yonex have introduced their thinnest, most aerodynamic shafts to date in the Astrox range. 

The Hyper Slim Shaft is Yonex's slimmest shaft and features a solid core with Namd material for greater flex and snapback. The Hyper Slim shaft is used in the Astrox flagship model, the Yonex Astrox 100ZZ. The 100 Tour variant features Yonex's Extra Slim Shaft.

The Extra Slim Shaft uses Nanometric carbon technology to maintain strength and is featured on all Astrox Pro and Tour models. 


Innovative Control Support Cap:

Yonex Astrox badminton rackets feature an innovative Control Support Cap. This cap design provides players with an enlarged flat surface on the handle, allowing for better grip and control. The improved grip stability enhances manoeuvrability and shot accuracy, especially during fast-paced exchanges and defensive plays. With the Control Support Cap, players can maintain a firm hold on their racket and execute shots with confidence.


Trusted By The Very Best Professionals and Champions:

Yonex Astrox badminton rackets have gained the trust and endorsement of numerous professional players and champions in the badminton world. The Astrox series has been used by top players who appreciate the racket's power, control, and overall performance. Players endorsing rackets in the Yonex Astrox range include: Viktor Axelson, Akane Yamaguchi, An See Young, Kunlavut Vididsarn and many more. With the support of professionals, Yonex Astrox rackets continue to demonstrate their ability to elevate players' games to new heights.


What is the best Yonex Astrox badminton racket?

Yonex Astrox badminton rackets feature heavily on both our Best Yonex Badminton Rackets and Best Pro Badminton Rackets lists and are a clear favourite with the staff here at BadmintonHQ. For highly skilled advanced players the flagship Yonex Astrox 100ZZ has been a best seller. For intermediate/advanced our best, most popular models have been the Yonex Astrox 88D Pro and Yonex Astrox Nextage


For any further help in selecting a badminton racket you can refer to our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Badminton Racket.

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