Collection: Ashaway Phantom Badminton Rackets

The Ashaway Phantom Badminton Racket series are some of the most powerful aggressively setup range of rackets in the world. They would be considered Ashaway's true power rackets for any aggressive hitting and smashing style player. Particularly players that like to hit from the back of the court.

The Phantom rackets are built to delivery phenomenal power for top level players wanting to execute shots with venom when in attacking positions across the court and rally. What makes the series so unique however is the top of the racket head frame, which have been designed to be the fastest moving part of the racket during any shot strokes. The Phantom Airflow technology provides a flattened aerodynamic profile to the top of the racket, reducing drag and propelles the racket through the air for rapid speed.

Finally, in addition to all of the above the Ashaway Phantom rackets are all made from super high quality 40tn japanese carbon graphite, which has been built and made with mega strength in mind. Meaning these rackets can be pushed to their maximum level of power and they withstand all the demands made of it.

A breakdown of the rackets in the range is as follows:

Ashaway Phantom X-Shadow Badminton Racket – The pinnacle of the Phantom Range. With its extra slim profile, medium flex and rapid maneuverability this frame is one of the easiest Phantom rackets to use. This frame has no lack of power but really does excel with its control during defence and in the mid to forecourt. A great choice for players looking for ultimate control of the shuttle whether it be singles or doubles. Suitable for advanced club and county players.

Ashaway Phantom X-Fire II Badminton Racket – The choice of Tom Wolfenden (Highest world ranking 34) – this frame is 89g and the most powerful of the Phantom rackets. With its extra stiff flex and head heavy balance, this is a popular choice for advanced club and county players looking to enhance the power in their game.

Ashaway Phantom X-Speed II Badminton Racket Used by Olympic Bronze Medallist Jo Goode – this is the best selling racket in the Phantom range. With its stiff flex and weighing 85g it is an extremely popular choice amongst badminton players. The frame uses the Phantom technology and 40 Tonne Japanese carbon graphite meaning that it can be strung at higher tensions and boasts fantastic racket head speed by its owner. Suitable for advanced club and county players.

Ashaway Phantom Helix Badminton Racket – The medium/stiff flex in the Phantom Helix and weighing 85g is another popular choice in the Ashaway Phantom range. It has a stunning cosmetic weaved alloy in the head of the frame and still boasts all the technologies that the other Phantom rackets attain. The weave has been tested at maximum temperatures and pressures to ensure that it has passed all durability tests, yet keep its slim profile and be one of the most maneuverable and easy to use rackets in the range.

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