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The Victor Jetspeed Badminton Rackets range are designed for speed and precision players. Their rackets are some of the most popular in the Victor Badminton Rackets product lines, and many UK players use them at the top level of competition. The rackets themselves feature unique frame structure and technology to deliver fast and smooth racket swing, alongside rapid response with strength in the shot. The knock on result is that players get a real advantage over opponents in matches.

The Victor Jetspeed Badminton Rackets Range include:

Victor Jetspeed S12 Badminton Racket - This super popular racket is perfect combination of speed and power in offensive play. It’s ideally suited to fast attacking players who love to outpace their opponents around court. Its the true successor to the ever popular Braveheart 12 which players have fallen in love with. It features also a stiff frame and shaft to enable close net control. 

Victor Jetspeed S08NE Badminton Racket - Really well suited to the player who loves speed, counter attacking and possesses a good defensive element to their game. The racket features the aero-sword frame technology which is intended to improve racket head speed. The benefit is faster reaction speed in rallies and good speed execution. The light weight setup of the racket also adds to improved reaction speeds. 

Victor Jetspeed S10Q Badminton Racket - This is a true speed even balance racket for speed players, perfect for mens doubles. The racket itself feature nano-fortify tech, enabling rapid shot repulsion, giving you great counter attacking ability in rallies. The racket also feature pyrofil, this absorbs shock when hitting the shuttle, giving the player a greater sense of feel when hitting the shot.

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