Collection: Victor Hypernano Badminton Rackets

The Victor Hypernano Badminton Racket range are perfect for the 50% of players that have excellent all round games. The Hypernano rackets are all even balanced meaning they suit players for all styles of play in and around the court and both attack and defence. Due to this, the range can uniquely provide accuracy in attack combined with excellent control around the net, as well as easy transfer from defense and attack. The hypernano range features a slimmer shaft to enable better handling with balance and stabilising anti-torque to improve accuracy.

The range includes some of the following models:

Victor Hypernano X-900X Badminton Racket - Ideally suited to the advanced player, this racket is build for accuracy, and control, with a slight preference in design to power too. This really makes it a good all round racket for a strong all round advanced player. It features a number of technologies to help with power also including the anti-torsion system. It also features the aero diamond shape frame for rapid racket head speed. 

Victor Hypernano X 20H Badminton Racket - We’d define this as the true all round racket. It genuinely is good but not amazing at everything. What players often don’t appreciate is that by being a good attacking racket you can struggle on defense etc, but this racket suits all styles of play and situation because of it’s all round features. It suits any mid-level player, and has been designed with a stringing style (76 holes) so that the strings last longer than normal. It also features the aero diamond shape frame for rapid racket head speed. 

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