Defence Videos

Here we have compiled our favourite badminton defence tutorials to take your game to the next level.

Equally important as being able to hit a good smash, is being able to return one. Having a solid defence can put your opponents under pressure, forcing an error, or leaving space for the counter attack. 

Take a look at the video clips below to start your journey towards a better defence.

Doubles Block Defence

Sophie from Badminton Exercises shows you how to turn defence into attack with the backhand block.

Forehand Side Doubles Defence

Former World Champion Thomas Laybourn shows how a backhand defensive shot can be played on the forehand side too.

Singles Defence

Rasmus from Badminton Family with an introduction to footwork and technique to return the smash in singles.

Doubles Defence - High Lift

Thomas and Rasmus from Badminton Family show you how to return the shuttle to the back of the court.