Forehand Overhead

Here we have compiled our favourite forehand overhead tutorials to take your game to the next level.

The most common shot in badminton. We have grouped all forehand overhead shots together because the action is the same throwing motion for smash, clear or drop, just with different contact points and racket head speeds.

Take a look at the video clips below to start your journey towards a better overhead action.

Forehand Clear 

Coach Rasmus with a step by step breakdown of the forehand clear biomechanics.

Forehand Clear With Smash Progression

Sophie from Badminton Exercises demonstrates the similarities in technique between the forehand clear and smash.

Smash Tips

Three excellent smash tips to maximise your power.

Overhead Biomechanics

Rasmus with a second explanation to the body movements in a forehand overhead action.

Smash Training

Mads and Sophie from Badminton Exercises explain how to build your smash, step by step.