Net Shot Videos

Here we have compiled our favourite net shot tutorials to take your game to the next level.

Net play is a hugely undervalued area of the game (although not at the professional level). Playing a good net shot at the front of the court can often force a lift from your opponents, allowing you - or your doubles partner - to attack. 

Take a look at the video clips below to start your journey towards better net play.

Advanced - Forehand Cross Net

Used more often in singles, the cross court net shot can leave your opponent wrong-footed, especially with the deception demonstrated here by Thomas and Rasmus at Badminton Family.

Forehand Spinning Net Shot

Sometimes called a 'hairpin' or 'tumble', this shot looks to spin the shuttle, making it extremely difficult to return.

Backhand Net Shot

A brilliantly detailed explanation of the backhand net shot by Anna Rice at Better Badminton.