Serve Videos

Here we have compiled our favourite badminton serve tutorials to take your game to the next level.

The serve is about more than simply getting the shuttle into play to start the rally. In doubles, a good serve can pressure the opponent to lift the shuttle high, giving you and your partner the attack, and therefore the upper hand in the rally from the start.

The forehand high serve is used in singles and when successful, will limit your opponent's options to attack at the start of the rally. 

Take a look at the video clips below to start your journey towards a better serve.

High Singles Serve Tips

Former World Champion Thomas Laybourn from Badminton Family leads you through his top forehand high serve tips.

High Singles Serve Tips

Jonathan from Swift Badminton with his tips to improve your high singles serve.

Backhand Low Serve

Jonathan from Swift Badminton gives instruction on how to add consistency to your backhand low serve.

Backhand Low Serve

Thomas from Badminton Family with a more advanced look at the backhand low serve.

Backhand Flick Serve

An essential skill in doubles, especially if your low serve is being consistently attacked by your opponent. Thomas Laybourn gives you his tips on how to flick serve the shuttle both consistently and with maximum deception.