Warranty Examples


Whilst all rackets are covered under warranty for legitimate manufacturing defects, Badminton HQ and all manufacturers reserve the right to only accept under warranty rackets which are deemed to be damaged through genuine manufacturing defects.

Please note that the string must not be cut on a racket being assessed for warranty. If you cut the string prior to reporting the damage to Badminton HQ, the warranty claim will be refused. 

Below, we have listed common examples of racket damage or wear, and whether this will generally be covered under warranty. 


Likely To Be Covered Under Warranty

Cracks to the frame without visible wear. 

Cracking along the frame or by grommets without visible wear around the crack is generally deemed to be a manufacturing fault, so would generally be covered under warranty. 

Damage to the handle or shaft.

Breakage of the handle or shaft of your racket, without signs of impact or excessive wear, are generally the result of manufacturing defects and are usually covered under the warranty policy. Please note that grip wear and tear isn't covered by this, as grips are considered a consumable part. 

Head collapse. 

Usually caused by 'string pull-through', the head of your racket collapsing is generally deemed a manufacturing defect, and is usually covered by warranty. 

Internal Clicking

On rare occasions, a 'clicking' or rattling noise may be heard from inside the handle or shaft. This is generally caused by a manufacturing defect and will be assessed under warranty to determine this. 


Unlikely To Be Covered Under Warranty

String breaks and grip wear. 

Strings and handle grips are considered consumable parts, so string snaps and grip wear and tear are not covered under warranty, besides special circumstances. 

Snapping with visible wear.

Cracks, snaps or fractures of the shaft or head with visible impact marks, dents or excessive paintwork damage will be deemed to be caused by an impact or racket abuse and will therefore not be covered under warranty. 

Stringing Issues.

Issues caused by stringing your racket elsewhere, such as clamps slipping or grommet damage can be identified by paintwork damage around the head of the racket and would not be covered under warranty. Badminton HQ recommends only having your rackets restrung by certified stringers at a specialized dealer or retailer. 

Loose Caps.

Caps are generally stapled or held by adhesive to the handle of the racket. Occasionally, these can come loose. This can be rectified by re-stapling or bonding the cap to the handle, and as such, is considered maintenance and wouldn't be covered under warranty.