Collection: Victor Auraspeed Badminton Rackets

The Victor Auraspeed Badminton Rackets are the latest technology development series from Victor. They’ve really developed their latest range of rackets to bring together all the favourite parts of their previous ranges of rackets. The Auraspeed series rackets use the very highest quality materials to enable the maximum possible racket speed, power and overall all round performance. What especially sets the Auraspeed range apart from other rackets out, is the overall racket speed. 

The rackets from Victor enable players to react the shuttles faster, react quicker and win fast paced flat rallies. The rackets themselves especially suit players that love a flat game, where shot and time between shots is limited. These rackets are ideally suited for mens doubles in particular.

The main big 3 models in the Auraspeed range include:

Victor Auraspeed 30H Badminton Racket - An evening balanced, even flex all round racket, suited for all types of shots. Rackets like this are often underappreciated because they’re not specifically “good” at anything. However, in reality rackets like this suit players that are used to playing against a range of styles and levels. It features a super thin frame for maximum racket reaction speed in rallies also.

Victor Auraspeed 80X Badminton Racket - Suited to high level players that love the feel of a stiff racket. This racket’s stiff shaft enables brilliant accuracy across the whole court as well as during net play. The even balance offers lightning fast shots, without losing any power, thanks to the Sonic Rebound Technology and R.T.C.

Victor Auraspeed 90S Badminton Racket - The new top racket of the Auraspeed series. Designed for experienced and strong players with a consistent all round game. Features the whipping enhancement system (WES) for racket head rebound speed and better angle smashes. The head light balance enhances performance in the mid court - both in drives and defensive shots.

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