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The Victor Light Fighter range of Badminton Rackets, are one of the most under appreciated ranges of rackets out...why? Because they’re truly some of the most agile and fast reacting rackets for counter attack and defense out. Sadly though, many players hate to align themselves with this style of play and love to be just purely attacking. The light fighter rackets are fast and great for flat rallies, changes of speed and fast pouncing net shots. The rackets also feature a real lightweight feeling when playing, providing a unique sense of handling the racket for optimum control especially around the net.

The Victor Light Fighter Badminton Rackets include: 

Victor Light Fighter 7000 Badminton Racket - This racket is suited to mid level players that have are decent club players. The racket doesn’t have a particularly striking features other than that it’s more accurate than most. This makes the racket a great all round racket for a large range of players. Like all the Light Fighter range it’s an excellent speed racket for both defense and driving flat shorts. The super light frame enabling fast racket head speed.

Victor Light Fighter 7390 Badminton Racket - A racket that gives a really nice feeling and control. The racket features technology that enables it. The racket is lightweight, all round players racket who wants fast speed and control in their game. It also features a larger sweet spot than normal rackets, meaning it can be more forgiving for places who struggle with perfect timing.

Victor Light Fighter 7500 Badminton Racket - Get power with control with the 7500, it’s a light weight but also head heavy and stiff setup for powerful and accurate smashing. The racket suites higher level players wanting a fast aggressive game that puts their opponents under pressure with lack of time to react.

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