Collection: Victor Thruster Badminton Rackets

The Victor Thruster Racket range has been made for players that love power, and use it as their main weapon to overpower and drive opponents back. Players in the UK love these rackets, as the vast majority of the range have a frame structure that has stronger and double reinforced materials to enable increased smash power and higher stringing tensions used by the top pros. The thruster range, is known for 1 clear area - strong attacking play. It also suits players looking or needing extra power in their game, with fast shot speed and power intense smashing effectiveness. 

The Victor Thruster Badminton Racket range is made up of the following:

Victor Thruster F BXR Badminton Racket - Suited to high level players, either singles or back court doubles players ideally. This racket delivers power with every shot it makes. Combined with a stiff frame and head heavy balance, again the whole structure of this racket is for offensive and aggressive shot play and those who wanted accuracy with it through the stiff frame.

Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket - Designed for attacking players wanting good accuracy with strong power. The other big benefit of the Thruster F racket is the unusually larger than normal sweet spot, therefore allowing strong playing performance even when the shuttle isn’t perfectly hit, this is achieved through the unusually shaped square head frame and anti-torsion shaft that’s also extra thin!

Victor Thruster K 330 Badminton Racket - is designed for the attacking game due to the slightly head heavy balance and flexible shaft. With easily accessible power, the TK-330 ensures players are able to create their most powerful game. Enhanced precision is provided due to minimized frame torsion, and it’s racket flexibility is ideal for weaker players wanting power in their game through the extra whip in the racket. The racket is also head heavy so it still suits the attacking player well.

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