Collection: Yonex Beginner Badminton Rackets

So you’re looking to get into Badminton? Or have been having run and now want to get your first Yonex Beginner badminton Racket? Perfect, we can guide you with how to choose!

Typically, if you’re like most beginner players, you’ll look for a racket that looks good and isn’t too pricey, but lets stop you there, as this won’t help you.

Getting the right beginner racket, is probably MORE important than any other time in your playing career, as it’s during this time you’re learning key techniques and skills, and having the wrong racket can really hold you back from that, due to excessive weight or poor frame structure meaning you have to subsidize the way you hit to get the power you want and therefore learn the wrong techniques.

So what to look for when choosing a Yonex Beginners Badminton Racket? Firstly - we’d recommend you avoid the Muscle Power range…..why you ask? Well they’re not made of graphite, instead they’re made of steel, meaning they’re clumsy and heavy when used, in addition to this they’re not a 1 piece racket, meaning when hitting the shuttle, power is lost. That said….if you’re planning to play in the garden from time to time, that kind of racket might be ideal.

If you intend to play at a club or recreation-ally in any regular form, we strongly recommend you choose an all graphite 1 piece racket, these start from £40 with Yonex and will help you develop as a player, with a racket that encourages the correct techniques too…’ll also find you’ll get way more power in your shots than a cheaper racket. 

There’s a few more minor areas you’ll want to consider when buying a beginner yonex racket. These are - weight, a lighter racket is easier to use, but doesn’t push the shuttle as far on court, we’d generally recommend a lighter racket for beginners to reduce risk of shoulder injury. Secondly, racket flex - look out for medium or flexible rackets, these will really help a beginner to get more power in their shots. Finally, look for weighting and where in the racket the weighting is, a head heavy racket will help smashes, whilst a head light racket gives greater speed, for beginners we’d generally suggest an even balanced racket as this will help players develop an all round game.

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