Ashaway Superlight T5 SQ Badminton Racket - Black Red

Ashaway Superlight T5 SQ Badminton Racket - Black Red

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Ashaway Superlight T5 SQ Badminton Racket - Black Red

Ashaway Superlight T5 SQ Badminton Racket - Black Red

Regular price £59.99
Regular price £80.00 Sale price £59.99
(Save 25%)






Head Heavy

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Well Rounded

Player Style

All Round

Model Series

Ashaway - Superlight



  • Balance Shows where the racket is naturally weighted, Heavy Head suits Power, Light Head suits Speed.



  • Flex Shows the level of racket flex. Flexible rackets suit players needing extra power, Stiff rackets are for accuracy



  • WEIGHT Shows the weight of the racket. Lighter rackets mean faster racket speed, but sometimes less power



Head Heavy Stiff Head Light Flexible

Overall feel of the racket
  • Product description

Product description

  • Suitable for an all round player who likes control
  • Hex Frame
  • Superlight
  • Nano Carbon - High Modulus Graphite
  • Medium
  • Strung in Zymax 69 Fire White

The Superlight T5SQ is one of our most popular rackets, it is important to note that only the cosmetics have been updated and the specifications remain unchanged from the previous model. The Ashaway Superlight T5SQ has received a modern cosmetic update and is just one of the new look rackets to our Ashaway range for 2018. The Ashaway Superlight T5SQ is considered a classic racket in the badminton world. Being one of the lightest rackets on the market it offers increased acceleration and manoueverability.

The classic – One of the lightest performance rackets on the market, the T5SQ is a popular choice of all ages. Extremely easy to use and offering great playability and fantastic racket head speed. The T5SQ is a great option for those on a budget yet still looking for a top end racket boasting high modulus graphite and superlight carbon layers.

IMPORTANT: This racket comes with original specialist strings and tensions already applied for longer term use from the brand. We recommend you select "original strings" when choosing you preferred upgrade option, as it'll save you cost and money in the present and future, unless you're a specialist high level competitive player or someone that specifically wants a certain string & tension.

Brand Ashaway
Model series Ashaway - Superlight
Shaft construction Nano Carbon - High Modulus Graphite
ORIGINAL RACKET STRINGS & TENSION Strung in Zymax 69 Fire White @ 23 lbs
PLAYER LEVEL Intermediate
FLEX Medium
WEIGHT 75 grams
GRIP SIZE G4/S2 (Medium)
HEAD SHAPE Isometric


Badminton Rackets Buying Guide

The key question to ask firstly is what style of player are you, or what type of player do you want to become?

  1. Power Attacking
  2. All Round
  3. Fast Reactions to Rallies
  4. Control and Touch, by moving players around the court to create space

As a general guide for your playing style below is the kind of racket you'll want to look at purchasing:

Playing Style Racket Balance Racket Flexibility Racket Weight
Power Attacking Head Heavy Stiff 85g – 89g (3U)
All Round Balanced Medium 80g – 84g (4U)
Speed & Fast Reactions Head Light Medium 79g or below (5U and up)
Control & Touch Head Light Hi Flex 79g or below (5U and up)

In simple terms is means this:
Player with Explosive Backswing Hitting = Stiffer Shaft needed as it'll unload faster for more power.
Player with Slower Backswing Hitting = More Flexible Shaft needed so that it'll unload fully at impact.

If you're still unsure what to choose for yourself, we'd recommend going for a medium flex badminton racket to minimise the chances of choosing incorrectly what's right for you.


Weight can make a real difference to reaction speeds, and power behind the hit of a shuttle. Too light a racket and it won't go far or powerful enough. However too heavy a racket and you'll find you'll be reacting too slow in fast flat rallies, where reaction speed is everything.:

Most rackets are weighted around 3U (85-89g) or 4U (80-84g), this is because it's a good weight balance for players to hit hard and also be able to react fast too.:

Typically singles players will use heavier rackets 3U (85-89g), this provides the player with more stability and accuracy, with a little more weight for power behind it, without compromising on racket speed too much, as quick racket head speed isn't needed as much in the singles game:

Doubles players however will usually want lighter rackets, the most popular weight for this being 4U (80-84g), this is because the Badminton Racket will offer more speed and quicker reactions in around the net and for defence against smashes.:

Racket Strings Used & Tension:

Again like the grip, this is customisable on any racket. However do look out for racket tension ranges on the product as this could potentially limit your ability to have the racket strung at a desired tension.:

For a full breakdown on strings and tensions, see our buying guide specifically on this.:

To put it simply however, if you're unsure what to choose when buying a racket you like, either go for the “Original Strings” option or “Stringers Professional Decision” for which we'll choose the string that best suits getting the maximum performance out of the racket for you.:

Full Badminton Racket Buying Guide:


UK Mainland Delivery

FREE if over £75 or £4.95

Standard 2-4 days delivery.

Express (Mon-Fri) 1-2 working days £5.95

Order by 1PM Monday-Friday for Next Working Day UK delivery.

Full Badminton Delivery Buying Guide

 International Delivery

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Easy Returns

UK Customers

We have a simple 30 days (can be extended) upon receiving the order policy, but we will be flexible and extend this if it's a gift for a specific event, such a a birthday, this can be done by simply ticking the the gift option when purchasing.

We provide a part filled returns form for all UK orders, simply follow the process below:

To find your local collect plus shop:

See here for our full returns details & information.


Our UK Address for returns is:

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Warranty Policy - Our Risk Free Support

Within 30 Days of receipt of the items?

Simple 30 days retailer warranty on all orders with genuine manufacturer defects.

More than 30 Days?

We work with the brands/suppliers to see if it can be covered under warranty for you (usually it is, but depends on the way the damage has occurred).

Still not covered but within 6 months of purchase?

We offer a crash replacement policy, where we offer a goodwill policy of 20% discount off your next order with us for the same/alternative replacement item, not including postage costs.


Price Match Promise

It's this simple - Find it cheaper anywhere else in the UK & we'll match it! Subject to conditions (see below).

So how does it work?

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The boring conditions bit:

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  7. Strings and Shuttlecocks excluded.
  8. Yonex products are excluded from this offer.





Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mie Mie Tisdale
Light and nice

Light as weightless and my daughter loves it

Gerald Farwell
Decent racquet.

Nice and light to handle and seems capable. Good all-rounder

S R Furse
Better than my current racket

Nice racket. No idea whether it is good value for money or whatever but it is better than the one I used before and that'll do. A better player than me at the same club said that it looks like a good racket for intermediate level type players.

Arthur Williams
Ashaway Racket & Free Delivery

The racket is great, very happy with it but unhappy about your delivery policy.
The racket I bought was £52.49 and so when I put it in the basket I was told it qualifies for free delivery because it was over £50.
However an alert popped up offering me a 5% discount. I used the 5% discount code but because the price is now below £50 a delivery charge is now added making the cost now more than the original racket price? (Price now £53.82) Surely that can't be right?

I appreciate the discount is not item specific, free shipping should be calculated against the gross price not net price. You're giving in one hand and taking away with another - so the customer pays more by using the discount!!?

Radhika Kumar
Great badminton

Great service. Only suggestion is if the badminton is sent along with a bag, it’ll be most useful as these are expensive one’s, it’s nice to have extra protection.