Collection: Best Badminton Rackets

Like anyone you’re constantly looking out as a player for the best badminton rackets available. The truth however is to look for the racket that’s right for you. Firstly, we’d recommend you check out our Badminton Rackets Buying Guide.

So what are the best badminton rackets out? Well firstly what the best racket is for one player may not be the best for someone else. This depends upon a number of factors, these being.

Firstly, playing level - If you’re a serious level player generally a stiffer more accurate racket is preferred. Top players generally also prefer head heavy rackets to help their smash and attacking shots, however not all top players are like this, and some players love counter attacking rackets like the Yonex Arcsaber 11, which is used by some of the world's top players

Secondly, playing style - this is key for players, they need to understand how they win points, what works best for them and how they achieve winning points around the court. Some players strengths are speed, others is power, whilst some are control around the net. The knock on effect of this means the string tension, the weighting of the racket and the balance are all key in identifying the best racket.

Thirdly, player strength and natural reaction speed - rare physical assets of a player make a real difference to their ability to execute shots well. If the players technique is right and they’re a strong player, it can mean a powerful smash, and fast flat shots around court can be used to outpace the opponent. 

Fourthly, game style - the racket ideal for the player depends upon when type of gameplay you’re competing in. Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles. These are major factors in the racket choice, and the area of court you’re hitting the shuttle from most of the time in matches.

Finally, price - we’d stated this last, because although it’s important, the most key factor are the above points. However naturally higher priced rackets usually reflect the level of quality of manufacture and technology put into the racket to maximise the performance of the racket.

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